Empire Minecraft News: May 2015

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    A New Minty Man in the Ranks
    Dwight5273 has joined the ranks of Senior Staff. It will take him a little bit to get his bearings with everything new, but his extreme tenure as a player on EMC coupled with his dedication to the community means he'll be up to date in no time.

    Join me in congratulating him on a promotion well deserved.

    Referral Contest Winners for April
    Most clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: FDNY21
    3rd: Luckypat

    Most referrals (receive Supporter Vouchers and 20k rupees for every 5 players referred):
    1st: FDNY21
    2nd: adamworsley1
    3rd: Trucker454

    1.8 Update
    If you haven't already, please update your clients and any rule-abiding mods that you have installed. Otherwise you will be unable to connect because WE HAVE UPDATED.

    Yes, Aikar's hard work has paid off. We have tested a LOT of things behind the scenes to make sure there are a limited number of problems, but like always there is bound to be something we missed. Please let us know any bugs that you experience and Aikar will try to fix them asap.
    Reminder: The Wastelands worlds have reset. Go out and enjoy the newly generated world.

    More info here:

    A Letter to the Community Regarding Reporting Players
    Recently we've had more and more reports for the absolutely smallest things. I know that the players love to help remind others of the rules, and it IS helpful at times. However, I think everyone needs a little reminder about what is and isn't worthy of a report so that we can all loosen up a bit and enjoy EMC more overall.

    Read more:

    Official AFK Policy Reminder
    If you pay attention to the forums, you know there has been some discussion about this recently. I wanted to clear up some very important details regarding our existing AFK policy. Note: This is not a new policy, just a reminder of what already exists and some new details to help make things clearer.

    If your character is in-game and clicking/interacting with the world, you are expected to be at your computer or very close by and AWAKE. Grinding/playing with an auto-clicker while you sleep or are out of your house is NOT allowed. Auto-clickers are allowed as long as they do not give additional benefit past normal play activity AND the human behind the computer screen is alert and able to respond to a message within a reasonable amount of time.

    If a staff member suspects you of using an auto-clicker while completely AFK, they will privately message you to respond. After more than or equal to 5 minutes of non-response, they may ask you again. If you do not respond to either of these test messages, your account will be kicked from the game. If you are in fact close by and are kicked for AFK, just rejoin. No harm, no foul. If you are found to be using an auto-clicker that DOES give increased benefit past what a normal player is capable of, this is considered an illegal mod and you will be banned for it.

    March Contest and Delayed Results
    Due to an issue with an entry, the results have been delayed. We are working to rectify the situation and get the results out as soon as we can but we want to ensure that technical difficulties do not disqualify the hard work these players have put into their build.

    Secret Garden Build Contest Reminder
    Deadline is JUNE 15th at 11:59 pm EMC time.
    Get your entries in before that deadline or they will be disqualified.

    More info here:

    ICC Tribute Build Contest Official Announcement
    Remember that build contest I warned you guys about in March?
    Well, I hope you've at least started planning. The centerpiece you all voted on is in the building phase and it's gonna need something to surround it.

    Official Deadline is AUGUST 11th at 11:59 pm EMC time (Exactly 2 months after ICC's birthday)

    Official Thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/build-contest-icecreamcow-tribute.52985/

    May Contest Announcement
    4th Annual Wallpaper Contest (kinda a given =P)

    Deadline: JUNE 30th at 11:59 pm EMC time.

    Official Thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-2015-emc-wallpaper-contest.52987/
  2. First!
    EDIT:Awesome! And congrats to Dwight on senior staff :D
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  3. Just realized i'm 3rd on Most referrals!
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  4. way to go Snr.Dwight
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  5. Congratulations Dwight!

    Really cool, I don't know you all that well but solely basing myself on the times we did chat and talk I have to say that it's well deserved in my opinion.
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  6. Man poor duck :(
    Jokes aside, congratulations once again Dwight, you rock!
    Thanks for the hard work, Krysyy and Aikar.
    You guys are awesome.
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  7. Congratulations Dwight - well deserved promotion :)
  8. Grats dwight!
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  9. Congrats Dwight ^-^
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  10. It's about time, the man's been a mod for over like, three years now. Congrats, I was actually going to his profile to ask when he was getting promoted before I had seen this.
  11. it seems someones really excited for Splatoon considering the blue ink splatted everywhere
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  12. Great news congratulations Dwight well deserved
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  13. Congrats Dwight! :D
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  14. Congratulations Trucker!
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  15. Gratz Dwight!
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  16. Very well deserved Dwight. :)