A Letter to the Community Regarding Reporting Players

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  1. A Letter to the Community Regarding Reporting Players
    Recently we've had more and more reports for the absolutely smallest things. I know that the players love to help remind others of the rules, and it IS helpful at times. However, I think everyone needs a little reminder about what is and isn't worthy of a report so that we can all loosen up a bit and enjoy EMC more overall.

    Ask yourself the following questions when dealing with a player that you believe is breaking the chat rules BEFORE typing /report:

    1. Is this worthy of a punishment?
    * If a report is filed against a player, you are telling the staff that the player deserves to be punished for whatever they are doing wrong. Most of the time this is a base of a 10 minute mute for chat reports. If you don't think they should be punished, then why are you reporting them?
    * Instead of jumping to calling in staff immediately, try asking the player NICELY to stop whatever they are doing that breaks the rules. If they refuse or get upset at you, then you can type /report.
    2. Am I making the situation worse by getting involved or should I ignore it?
    * Please do not respond to a player spamming by crowding the chat with 'Don't Spam'. It only results in more than existed in the first place.
    *Filling the chat with threats of reporting isn't doing anyone any good. Just /report and be done with it.
    * It is VERY easy to double post on EMC just by hitting the up key on the keyboard. Accidents happen. If it could have been an accident, then ignore it. If it's a repeated offense or blatant spamming, then you can jump to /report.

    Things that don't need to be reported ALL the time (unless excessive):
    +Song lyrics that repeat words as long as it isn't too much spam. One line is not spam.
    +'Trololololol' or 'Hiiiiiiiii'. Yes, it is against the rules in context to spam with letters, but should the player really be muted for it if done once in the moment?
    +Countdowns of less than 5 in town chat. By the time the report is filed, the countdown will be over anyways.
    +Minor curse words if not excessive. The use of words such as omg, wth, damn, etc are NOT cause for a /report. We abide by United States PG Movie ratings. If you have a question if something is/isn't allowed, please ask a staff member.

    I hope that this has helped some. Bottom line is that the players of EMC need to loosen up more with regards to reporting and correcting players for the smallest things. EMC is a family and yes, we can be just as bad sometimes in the drama department, but at the end of the day we're still here together and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Let's turn down the criticisms and turn up the FUN!

    For more info on how best to utilize the Reporting Feature on EMC, please see our existing reporting guide:
  2. I feel like most of the time people will just say they're reporting someone or threaten with reporting someone, instead of just doing it and not saying anything at all. Which just makes things more of a pain in the end even if it was something "worthy" of being reported

  3. 4th!
    Got it krysyy!
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  4. Thanks Krysyy! :D (as you might have noticed we had been having problems with that...)
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  5. Mccu0 and Human were banned :( on SMP7
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  6. Yep :/
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  7. Added to OP. I forgot that bit somehow even though it was in my draft.
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  8. Well said! I couldn't agree more. I see a lot of players trying to 'help' by immediately bashing and threatening to report players over simple things (sometimes when no rules have even been broken). This kind of attitude deters conversations in town chat - which makes EMC a lonely place. Rules are essential, but a social and active community is the only thing that will keep EMC alive. Thanks for reminding everyone Krysyy!

  9. I have noticed a ton of people doing that lately, I'm not gonna state names, but have noticed.
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  10. I've noticed way too many players threatening to report over something as small as a "Heyyyyy" or perhaps a "Lolololol". This was very helpful. =) Thanks!
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  11. The first thing I take into consideration when reporting a player is what their attitude is like. Often times, I will ignore an incident where to player accidentally steps over the rules (such as cursing) if they have proven to be someone who responds well to help and constructive criticism.

    Other times, I will report someone for something relatively minor (chat countdowns, using the wrong chat, minor spamming, etc) if I know that they ignore all player help and only respond to staff. In this situation, yes, trying to politely let them know about the rules is the best course of action, but it is a fruitless effort. So should I not continue to report players who refuse to accept help from anyone who isn't staff, even though they would have more of an impact over several minor infractions than one person who does something worse once but learns without staff intervention?
  12. Personally (and I've got no idea if this matches the official policy on it now), if you can obviously see the person is intentionally ignoring warnings etc from players (as in, has been flat out told they're being dumb), and keeps doing stuff, I'd see no problem with reporting that since most of the time, those sorts of people need staff intervention to learn. That said, it's probably a good idea to stick something like (continued after player warning) or (extensive past history) in the report.
  13. I always tag this onto the end (so long as it is true, of course).:p
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  14. What you've been doing is correct and I see no fault in your past reports. This reminder is for those that have been reporting the people that either aren't actually breaking a chat rule, or who overreact to spamming and make the situation 10x worse.
  15. Usually when i ask a player to stop spamming or keep chat family friendly they do it xD.
  16. I would sometimes ask nicely to please stop spamming.
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  17. Good reminders krysyy, I have seen a few people doing this and I'm not gonna state any names. I hope this will remind some players that forgiveness is a good thing :p
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  18. But then, sometimes, there are people like me :)
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