1.8 Update is near!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, May 1, 2015.

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  1. As said in game, we are nearing the real 1.8(.4) update!

    We currently have on our test server 1.8 running without any major issues. We are working on resolving bugs and adding the new code to handle the new 1.8 elements (things like Armor Stand permissions, Shop item labels for /iteminfo, etc)

    The goal is to release some time next week, which should be do-able considering the level of stability it currently is at.

    So, get your clients updated :) Consider this the 'warning', and we will release when we feel its ready.

    **** WASTELANDS RESET ****
    As with every major MC update, we reset the wastelands immediately upon release so everyone can get access to the new terrain.

    This is your warning to start deconstructing any temporary bases you have established and bring all items back to town ASAP.

    Exact date of release and the reset will not be known. It will be released *WHEN ITS READY*
  2. ninethousandoneth

    Are there going to be any restrictions? What will be different from vanilla as of now?
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  3. Woot, glad to see it is being rolled out soon! Nice work EMC Team! :)
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  4. Omg my god, I love you! :)
  5. Also what texture pack r u using
  6. I see need for Armor Stand limits with Entity Limiter to take care of that issue BEFORE it happens...

    But I am considering changes away from Vanilla just to help ensure long term game play balance in terms of Enchanting.

    Mojang designs single player with the thought of constantly creating new worlds for short term... I think we need to up those exp requirements to be closer (but not entirely) 1.7 levels for exp, otherwise enchanting market will be destroyed as 3 levels only takes minutes to obtain on EMC.
  7. I believe its Faithful.
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  8. Here we go, 1.8!

    What will anvils be like? 1.7 or 1.8? Or will the 39 level cap be implemented on anvils so that even now you can always repair?
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  9. I plan on making a prismarine temple some time, with sea lantern and all...
  10. Hmm.

    Is it possible to make a fix for Inf. Villagers? Not so much of a fix as "keeping" them but nulling their abilities.
  11. Well done (How long do you think we will have 1.8(.4)on)

  12. 1.9 has been declared a low change update by Mojang, so it won't take as long to update to.
  13. Cool, thanks.

    Also, looks like a skele in town on the test server.
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  14. Goodie:)

    Can't wait for a Combat Update. An update is direly needed for the current... situation of combat.
  15. What will be going on with the wastelands. Also keep up the good work.
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  16. Jello room... You will be mine...
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  17. Awesome sauce, can't wait :D

    Thanks for the hard work ^_^
  18. that's a death marker. probably was testing something with damage :p
  19. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Keep up the awesome work Aikar!
  20. This deserves some wrap music...
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