Empire Minecraft News: March 2015

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  1. February is gone and we are almost a 4th of the way through 2015. Where did the time go?!?!

    New Community Manager Support System

    Community Appreciation Rewards
    The result are in. The winners of the July - December 2014 period are:

    Each winner will receive a Community Defender Sword and Certificate.
    The next period's nominations will start in July 2015.

    Until then, check out the Good Samaritan Award being run by community member hashhog3000:

    Rules and Policies Update

    February Referrals Contest Winners
    Most clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: FDNY21
    3rd: Luckypat

    Most referrals (receive Supporter Vouchers and 20k rupees for every 5 players referred):
    1st: FDNY21
    2nd: Luckypat
    3rd: BoomQuack

    New Blog Post
    Find yourself being bored with Minecraft lately? Check out the newest blog post from our Contributor Team member jkrmnj and try some of them out!

    ICC Tribute: Vote for the Centerpiece and Start Planning Your Build
    We've discussed possible builds for the center of the tribute. Now vote for your favorite.
    Poll ends March 15th.
    Poll Thread Here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/poll-icc-tribute-centerpiece.49607/

    March Contest: Follow the Leprechaun Adventure Map
  2. Nice, congratz hash, FDNY, lance and Kephras!!
  3. March... the only month of the year where I celebrate my birthday :)
  4. Awesome, Congrats to the winners!

    We should have another photo editing contest :p
  5. Congrats to everyone :) I look forward to this March contest.
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  6. I've noticed something about the post, see if Krysyy notices :cool:
  7. Haha rainbowchin
  8. hashhog3000 quit winning everything lol. Every time its like you should be the poster child for EMC lol. No but good job. And Highlancer54 you rock!!!! woot woot you defiantly deserve the appreciation award!!! And congrats to the rest.
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  9. My profile picture is derpy, don't mind it
    And haha, I noticed it too. I was confused for a sec
  10. March already? Jeez! Can't wait to see what this months contest is :3
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  11. Nice updates, thanks Krystal! A lot has come out recently, wow :eek: Thanks to all for congratulating me also! :)
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  12. Cool thread.

    Edit: Now I understand, a 4th at the end of March, thanks.

    I am confused by the "3rd of the way through 2015" statement.
    We have been through 60 of the 365 days in 2015.
    So 60/365 = about 16 %
    And a 3rd is about 33 %
    Also, 16% is about half of 33%, so ..

    we are one 6th of the way through 2015.

    I hope this does not come across as mean. :)
  13. Thank you all for your congratulations. :) Congratulations to FDNY21, Kephras, and highlancer54 as well! You guys are all incredibly awesome. :)

    Nice job to you referrers! You work pretty darn hard to get all those clicks, methinks. :)

    Can't wait to hear about the March Contest. It already sounds exciting, and it's not even out yet! :p Now, to decide whether to keep my green theme or switch to the gold theme in celebration of March... decisions, decisions.

    EDIT: Also, is that leprechaun skin in the heading a middle-aged Luckypat? :p They look so alike, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that that little green man is Lucky's ancestor!
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  14. Really like the new St.Patricks day theme, though I would have loved to see my skin used. Congrats to all the winners! :)
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  15. Lol meant to be ALMOST a 4th of the way. Almost as in at the end of march =P
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  16. It almost sounds like they get 20 vouchers for every 5 players they refer which I assume is wrong :p
  17. #KrysyyIsLearningFromAikar
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  18. As some know, I have postponed most of my future on EMC until its 1.8 update. Unfortunately, we have no idea when it'll happen. But, we do know that Akair has been very busy, and complaining probably won't change the situation. So, I believe it's best to leave Akair and the other server developers alone.
    The time being, we could try to find other interests for ourselves. Some of us have found the monthly news for EMC to keep them interested while for some people, like myself, it's only means another dull month has passed.

    *P.S. - I am sorry for anyone annoyed by this post. Out of everything that could happen, Empire Minecraft 1.8 means the most to me. <}
  19. Are you sure they get 20 supporter vouchers per five players referred? :p

    I could use that award, I'd get free supporter for almost a year and a half if I referred five people!