March 2015 Contest: Follow the Leprechaun Adventure Map

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  1. MARCH 2015 CONTEST:

    What: Adventure Map
    Theme: 'Follow the Leprechaun'
    Due Date: March 31st at 11:59 pm EMC time

    Limitations: Maximum groups of 3. When you submit your map, please list out who is the player that most fits the following roles. If you are submitting a solo build, list yourself for all categories:
    Author =
    Mechanic =
    Builder =

    Submit your Build By clicking here:

    Use a creative world and submit your world download link. (Yes command blocks are allowed if you want to go there) When you submit your entry, please list what version was used. All entries will be available for the community to see after the conclusion of the contest and announcement of the winners. By entering into the contest, you are agreeing to allow your download link to be shared.

    Grading Criteria:
    • Story (Author) = The story told along the way. How complex/well written and thought out is it? Does it make sense according to the map?
    • Technical Features (Mechanic) = Redstone Mechanisms and other mechanics. How complex are the systems and are they used appropriately to accentuate the map overall?
    • Presentation (Builder) = The map's overall build quality. Does each build add to the story? Little details are key.
    600,000 rupees split among the winners of each Category as well as individual prizes for each Winner.
    Author = Empire Author's Manuscript (Renamed Paper)
    Mechanic = Empire Mechanic's Voltmeter (Renamed Redstone Torch)
    Builder = Empire Builder's Wand (Renamed Stick)

    Note: All winners MAY NOT be from the same map.
    For example: The author of Map 1 might be better than that of Map 2, but the Builds in Map 2 might be better. The Author from Map 1 and the Builder from Map 2 would win.
  2. woooop! really changing it up here gonna be a challenge yet again :p
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  3. Awesome I can't wait to see what you all make :) (I may even attempt this)
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  4. Hmm, I might just enter. Will be interesting to see the others competitors as well c=<
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  5. If only there were 30 hours in a day and we only required one hour of sleep per day. :)
  6. Great Idea. Cannot Wait to see other creations!
  7. Intriguing....
  8. Very interesting, I can't wait to see what you all build :3
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  9. Does it have to be a creative world, or can we create an adventure map?
  10. The contest is an adventure map. The creative mode is letting you know that you can use anything/creative mode.
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  11. Haha! This event name is awesome ^.^
  12. Sweet! The Redstone section of this will be amazing :D
    I have no team though... Anyone wanna join me...?
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  13. This will be difficult... very difficult indeed. But I'm going to have to try it! :D Thanks for the awesome contest! Interesting to see a group contest for the first time.
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  14. This is my favourite month, loving all the green and creative things here on EMC. Nice thinking on this one :)
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  15. I suck at basically everything that is required, but hey, I might as well give her a shot :)
  16. Would you guys like to be a part of my group? :D PM me. Edit: Just realized... We cant work on the same world... We could find a way. :) Or I could do it myself.

    Second Edit: I have formed my team. :( Sorry guys. Not that you definitely wanted to work with me...

    If you want some amazing, and I mean amazing command block work, I will need a bit more time. :) No matter.
  17. I would absolutely love to enter, but I'm not sure how to make a map download link. :(
  18. Now I just need SethBling and Kephras to be on my team...