Good Samaritan Award 2015

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  1. Hello, all! Way back in October, Olaf_C and I made the official announcement thread for the Good Samaritan Award 2014. However, due to a bunch of projects getting in the way and difficulty in editing the award structure, it never really got released. Finally, after many months, I present to you the Good Samaritan Award 2015! This is the thread where all voting, selection, and other pieces of the award will take place.

    How the Good Samaritan Award Works

    Part 2: Voting for Server Winners
    At this point, we will have six players nominated by spies for each server. The spies are now dismissed with a thank you and a pat on the back and we get some full community action! Players will be able to vote for a player that they think shows the qualities of a Good Samaritan for each server. After the voting period has finished, each server winner will be awarded a prize.
    Server Prize
    Each server winner wins this!
    2012 EMC New Years Firework
    Cupid's Bow
    Stack of Pumpkin Pie
    70,000 rupees

    Part 3: Voting for Grand Prize Winner
    Now that we've congratulated our nine server winners, it's time to vote for the grand prize! This time, the voting uses the same process, except players will now be selecting a winner from the nine server winners. After the voting period is up, the grand prize winner will be announced and the award will be concluded.
    Grand Prize
    Grand prize winner wins this!
    Stack of Pumpkin Pie

    DC of Alliums
    130% Speed Horse (x2)
    108% Speed Donkey (x2)

    2014 Birthday Cake
    Vault Voucher (x5)
    Stable Voucher
    Cupid's Bow
    Haunted Head
    ICC Valentine's Day Head
    Empire Armor (80k Boots)

    318,500 rupees

    Other Information

    Qualities of a Good Samaritan
    So, what is a Good Samaritan? These are the people who help others just for the sake of kindness. Note that this is slightly different from the Community Appreciation Award; while nominees still might make meaningful posts and have other CAA qualities, this award focuses specifically on players who are kind without expecting any sort of reward other than verbal thanks. For example, Player A might be a Good Samaritan if a new player asks for help and Player A kindly and patiently provides the help needed, and Player B might be a Good Samaritan if they decide to go out and clean up wild spawns just to make the lives of other players easier. It doesn't matter how the kindness is shown, it simply matters that they are being helpful just to help.

    This award would not be possible without all of the fantastic donations that we've received! Thank you so much to all of the fantastic donors that we've had throughout the last few months. :)
    If you'd still like to donate, you can do so by filling out the Google Form below. Please mail items or pay rupee payments to me, hashhog3000, rather than Olaf_C, as he is preparing to go into inactivity and this is simply more convenient. :)

    samsimx: 500,000r
    AmusedStew: 50,000r
    ClareMuss: 50,000r
    jrm531: 50,000r
    Carthaga: 22,000r
    Scorpio528: 10,000r
    Chespinlover77: 15,000r
    Anonymous Donor: 1,500r
    Anonymous Donor: 250,000r + Two 108% Speed Donkeys + One Stack Gold Blocks + 4 Stacks Quartz Blocks + Ten Stacks Pumpkin Pie + Stable Voucher + Haunted Head + ICC Valentine's Day Head + Avalauncher + Empire Armor (80k Boots)
    BabyCreepersRule: 5,000r + Two 130% Speed Horses
    Palmsugar: Nine Cupid's Bows + DC of Alliums
    Rainbowpony1000: Cupid's Bow

    Our Mission
    The goal of the Good Samaritan Award is to help weave together the community. EMC's wonderful community is what sets us apart from anywhere else. Our goal is not to get people to act nice in order to win a prize or to act nice to get noticed, but to recognize those who make EMC what it is today. The award is given out in the hope people will use the funds for community projects or generally to spread the love. For example, last contest's winner, nick_godoy, ended up building a large community farm with the funds. In short, EMC is a family, and it needs to be kept that way. While reading about this award, ask yourself, "How can I help make EMC a better place?" or "How can I be a Good Samaritan?"
    We look forward to seeing some of EMC's good in another Good Samaritan Award this year. :)

    Credit to Olaf
    Before I post this thread, I'd also like to give some massive credit to Olaf_C. Over a year ago, Olaf_C created the original Good Samaritan Award, and none of this could have ever existed without his creativity and time. Olaf and I are co-hosting the award, but I will be doing the majority, if not all, the relevant posting and handling of prizes from here on out due to his inactivity. :)

    Current Stage of the Award

    Server Voting

    End Time: April 5th, 2015
  2. Thread officially up. :) If you have any questions or think I forgot anything, please ask! :) Let me know if any of the donation forms are broken and/or not working. Thank you!
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  3. Great to see the Good Samaritan Award back up again, can't wait to see how this one turns out! One thing though...
    I believe that this should say "I will be selecting three spies per server."? :p
  4. Fixed, thanks. :)
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  5. You might want to add that if you say you want to be a spy publicly you can't be one. ;)
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  6. I would like to extend a huge thank you to hash for all his hard work and determination in putting this award together. Because of my hectic real life situation, I have been not very active on EMC, and I wanted to make sure that nothing less than 110% was put into the reward. Hash stepped up to the plate, and I am so grateful for him and his hard work.

    Hash is in charge of the award this year, with some guidance from myself. If you need any help, you can come to me, but hash is the go to guy for this award. Both of our inboxes are always open, and ready for community input :)

    Right now, the spy system is still in place in order for more community interaction, but if you have a better idea, feel free to pm hash, myself, or both of us. We are always open to constructive criticism.

    TL;DR: Thanks to hash, feel free to give input on the award (especially about the nomination system)

    P.S. If you donated for the 2014 GSA, all donations were funneled into this year's award. If either hash or I forgot to add you to the donation list, please let us know, and we can take care of it.
  7. This is a great idea! :D
    Edit: This is like the first long thread I'm not super confused on lol...
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  8. Added a mission statement primarily written by Olaf that I think summarizes the goal of the award beautifully. :)
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  9. I accidentally posted the thread without anything in it and had to write a message saying to wait until I edited in the post. :p
  10. Added a section on nominating other players. Even if you aren't a spy, this means that you'll be able to participate in the award process and possibly get some players recognized. :)

  11. This is a great idea, there's a few people I know that deserve some recognition :)
  12. One suggestion: Let the spy's fill in timezones, so everyone has a good chance ;). (If every spy on smp1 for example is online from 4 to 8PM emc time, the people at 4 to 8 AM wont hav a chance, or vice versa)
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  13. That sounds like a good idea - EMC's members vary greatly in timezones.
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  14. I tried that last year, but there were virtually no non-american applicants. However, I will add a section to the form.
  15. Awesome work guys! I wish everyone the best of luck :)
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  16. May I suggest that you list the number of spies already nominated per SMP (not their username)? Just to make it easier for others to decide whether to apply (e.g. if there's no places left on any SMP's apart from one's home server, they wouldn't bother to apply) :)
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  17. Good idea, I'll put that up when I get the chance later today. :)
  18. Thank you to the following recent donors! :D
    Rainbowpony1000 - Cupid's Bow
    BabyCreepersRule - Two 130% Speed Horses
    Palmsugar - Nine Cupid's Bows + 1 DC of Alliums
  19. man... this is more than the 1K donations I make :p (If I could, I would donate more though)
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