Rules Page Remodel and Mumble Policies

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    The rules page has been reworked to better outline the rules and clear up some clutter so it's easier to find things.

    Main Changes:
    • CAPS abuse is now listed under spamming chat
    • Removed split of server and chat rules
      • Yes, the tutorial will be updated to show these and training too. Still working on it.
      • We tried the separate lists, now it's time to go back.
    • General Other Rules now has a number =P
      • This makes it very clear that they are still rules you have to follow.
    • Sub-page list added at top
      • Any page that is listed there is considered to be a part of the Official Rules as outlined on the rules page. The linking of them makes it easier to find.
    • Mumble policies added
      • These were pending for a while anyways, but due to recent developments, they were amended slightly. The Mumble Channel has two language limits allowed. PG and PG-13. If you are going to exceed the PG limits, please use the PG-13 Community Channels. Things that are more extreme than PG-13 shouldn't be on our EMC mumble at any time. Reports of obscene chat will be investigated and Mumble privileges will be revoked if the problem persists.
      • In addition, the staff are no longer allowed to discuss official business with players on Mumble. This includes, but is not limited to, grief reports, complaints, etc. In order to guarantee written record of events, the forums, /report system, or the track support system should be utilized. Staff may still hold official events, like Friday Night Miners, etc while in mumble, but are not expected to answer official questions during the event that are submitted via mumble. This is to facilitate smooth running events and allow staff to handle players better. It is easier to juggle 3 in-game conversations at once than have 2 in-game conversations and a 3rd person, or even 4th, through mumble.
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  2. Awesome! Hopefully this will make things a little easier on all of us
  3. One big question that I've had for a while: Is talk about drugs allowed or disallowed?
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  4. No "Sweet!" or "Good Work" comment? Just first? Doesn't even comment what is posted above.

    On a side note, Good adjustments Krysyy! Been waiting for the Mumble statement ! :)
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  5. The new page looks really nice. :) I like the clean, red boxes. It's aesthetically appealing, yet subconsciously menacing, if that makes any sense. :p I'm glad to see that caps got added, as that seems to be the major chat infraction most of the time, despite SYSTEM's valiant efforts.
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  6. disallowed
  7. Caps was its own rule. I just moved it to be a sub-rule of another number to consolidate things =P
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  8. jay i dont need your sass
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  9. Added an official reminder about it under keeping chat family friendly.
  10. 10th or something (too lazy to count)
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  11. Yes. This has to be the silliest thing on a forum.

    Anyways, thanks for clearing things up.
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  12. Sounds cool. :)
  13. Why is recording not allowed on Mumble?
  14. Recording is allowed if you use the appropriate channels. Some people may not wish for their voices to be a part of any videos, etc created. It is expected that you respect their wishes.
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  15. im pretty sure it is also illegal in some/alot of places to record minors without their consent.
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  16. Glad to see some official mumble rules added :)
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  17. Generally, it is illegal in the united states to record a minor under 14 without a parent's consent ... above 14 you need at least their permission until he/she is 18

    In Virginia however, under 'recording and wiretapping law' there is no minimum age that this regards...
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  18. I've never personally used mumble, so can someone clarify this? Does this mean there are two separate mumble servers? Sounds odd and confusing - if I just wanted to talk with the community, which would I go in? PG or PG-13?

    Also, the Terms of Service states:
    If everyone here is supposed to be 13+, why does a PG channel exist? Shouldn't mumble just have one channel for all of it's "legal" members? Basically, I'm concerned that the community will be split between the PG and PG-13 channels.

    EDIT: I just checked out the rules page - it looks incredible! Nice job.
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  19. There is one mumble server, but several mumble channels.
    The first 3 channels allow PG language, and the others allow PG-13 language.
    EDIT: Here's what it looks like, so you can have a better idea (There are a lot more channels, but you get the idea).