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  1. Hey everyone :D

    In the past, it was designed where if you had a problem with a staff member or other problem serious enough to warrant escalation to the Community Manager you would message the Community Manager on the forums. The CM would then review your problem and determine course of action for the problem. However, there really was nowhere for the CM to make notes regarding the issue/how it was handled for future reference and as we all know, the forums messaging system is not easy to search through.

    Therefore, the system for Community Manager contact regarding important issues is now handled through our track system. Send your concerns via email to to file a ticket for the CM to review. There the CM can make notes and keep tabs on pending issues that require further attention as well as easily locate any outstanding issues when they are referenced.

    Note to the Community:
    Issues and actions for them regarding how the server is run, staff members' actions, etc MAY not be discussed with you. That does not necessarily mean that there is no action taken or plans in progress to address your concerns. When we say staff transparency, we are not revealing everything about every small discussion with each staff member about activity, actions in a specific report, etc. Our staff are chosen on very strict rules, but they are still human and therefore, they DO make mistakes. We have a checks and balances system for that reason and things are monitored. No concern to date with me has gone without some sort of action taken, whether or not the entire community was notified of what that specific action was.

    TLDR: New support system so the CM can pen notes and keep track of things for future reference to alleviate all concerns of concerns going unheard/ignored.
    Send an email to to file a ticket. You will not get a response via email. If further info is needed, you will be contacted in-game or on the Empire Minecraft forums.
  2. Sounds good!
  3. What if you have a problem with the Community Manager :p (I don't)
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  4. Aikar can also see the new system and things can be assigned to him if the need arises.
  5. I'm hoping for the best...
  6. Hope this is a better way to help the Empire should be
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  7. Awesome update, and that's good it gives a chance for those that have something to say speak out to better EMC. :)
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  8. Interesting. I think this will be quite an improvement! :)
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  9. Oh? I'm curious as to how fast that inbox will start flooding with reports meant for moderators xD
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  10. Possible, but I doubt it will fill as fast as you think. I have a feeling the only people who will take the time to find and use it will be the ones who have a legitimate issue that she/Aikar needs to review. Most others will likely do the usual /report in game, private message a moderator, or (my personal favorite!) do the classic "Y u no unbam me pl0x!??!?!?!?" 800 times on a mod's profile page. :)
  11. i have no problems with any staff members or players i try to get along with every one XD ask any one on smp7
  12. Interesting addition, if it makes Community Manager's lives easier then it must be fab :)
  13. Sounds fabu. :)
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  14. Wait, when were staff human all the sudden?
  15. I've always assumed that it was a typo.
  16. Also, this still doesn't explain B4DMAN5IMON on stage 24/7 with other staff such as ItsMeMatheus..
  17. 4 Alerts in 10 seconds.. :cool:
  18. Btw, the color is 2A2A2A
    (I thought everybody knew that...)
  19. You know, I noticed that too... :p
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