NEW Community Manager Support System

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  1. I like this, I got a huge problem with that BlackKnight fella.
  2. Yay, now they can see all of the reports that I don't make anyway.
  3. me to! He's just too darn fun. :p
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  4. Another well thought out action!! Great work to all of the Staff for this one. This should allow anyone with a serious issue to report in detail the problem and allow the CM a chance to investigate and resolve the issue in a prompt and reasonable manner.

    You guys all rock and this server is awesome!! Many thanks for all the hard work and planning you put into all the changes!!
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  5. Will something/does something similar exist for griefing reports? As a software engineer I rather like using issue tracking systems. But I've been told I"m a weirdo too...
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  6. Although I hope I'll never need to use something like this, I think this'll be quite convenient for when problems do arise.
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  7. Small correction...
    You will get an email confirming the issue was properly received (as long as your email provider is not a jerk like Verizon and blocks mail from EMC - If you use Verizon, change to a different email provider!)

    And you will get emails based on when the issue has been processed, but you might not specifically get a response on WHAT was done.

    A main benefit here is to ensure that an issue is not lost due to the sheer size of krysyys PM inbox. PM's can't be filtered by Resolved/Unresolved... Track lets us flag an issue as resolved, solving that problem.
  8. It's really best to PM multiple mods at a time when that happens, and its less likely one of those will fall off the radar.
    But ultimately you already can use support@ for that too (or use the contact form at the bottom of the site, that feeds to support@)
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  9. So yeah, in my bias opinion systems / options like these are exactly the thing which separates a regular Minecraft server from a professional one. Strong words perhaps, and I don't necessarily mean this in regards of "one server being better than the other" (even though that is my personal opinion to be honest).

    More professional within this context refers to the fact of taking the player base seriously and also providing for that player base. Even in the highly unlikely event where a fellow staff member might act out of place and where the player and the staff member can't work this out amongst themselves.

    Lets just say that I've seen other examples in my past (no comments), so seeing posts like these really leaves an extremely positive impression on me. Treating the players with the same respect as you want them to treat you, and that really speaks for itself.