[POLL] ICC Tribute Centerpiece

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What should be the centerpiece?

Poll closed Mar 15, 2015.
1 story pagoda style building with courtyard and statue 17 vote(s) 11.6%
Humongous cow with ice cream on its back 21 vote(s) 14.4%
Cow flavored ice cream cone with cow head sprinkles 13 vote(s) 8.9%
A cow turning into a player evolution. 12 vote(s) 8.2%
ICC eating an ice cream cone. 12 vote(s) 8.2%
Tnt block with udder pixel art and lava 3 vote(s) 2.1%
Garden with cows and mooshrooms 9 vote(s) 6.2%
Cow made of ice cream 5 vote(s) 3.4%
ICC with udders being milked by another ICC (Like a man milking a cow) 43 vote(s) 29.5%
Pixel art of ICC surrounded by melted ice cream 11 vote(s) 7.5%
  1. As said in this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/discussion-icc-tribute-centerpiece.49331/page-5

    We'd be voting on suggestions provided. So vote until March 15th. Then we'll see what our centerpiece is going to be. We were limited to 10 choices so some suggestions did not make it to the final poll. This decision was based on complexity and/or not being related to ICC.

    Once again, do not turn this into an argument. The tribute is being made. If you don't like it, don't participate.
  2. first! i voted a cow turning into a player evolution #NoShame
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  3. Disappointing that my 1 cow in a 60x60 residence isn't in the poll.
  4. A cow with ice cream on its back of course :rolleyes:
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  5. I love some of these suggestions. XD It's going to funny later in life when everywhere ICC goes, he can't shake the rumors about him hoarding cow-flavored ice cream while attempting to turn into a cow, constantly trying to milk himself to see if the evolution is complete. This is a dangerous path you've embarked on, Jeremy. :p
  6. Oooohhh... Sounds interestingly cool in a fantastic manner!
  7. Are you sure the udders thing is appropriate? =.=;;
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  8. I feel like this is going to be the single most beautiful thing on the Empire.
  9. How about that beautiful garden with the cows and mooshrooms ambling about from the outside.. so quiet and peaceful.. maybe a small bridge over an meandering brook.... walk in further to the middle .. all the sudden :eek: huge gaping hole from tnt with a few planted here and there along the edges with icc at the bottom, head thrown back laughing, fists up in victory and glee.
    Yep. That works for me. :D
  10. Only if you have something against milk, cheese, and icecream. Otherwise, it's just nit-picking.
  11. nu, i have thing against udders >.>

    EDIT: I just realized who you were. Yes, I have a thing against your udders =P
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  12. But you can't get the good things without the udders. If you rid of udders, you rid of Icecream, and people might riot.
  13. I say, we tip something over!
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  14. Get your Cow's udders ready
  15. Minecraft has horses, horses have nipples. A great scientist once said that you can milk anything with nipples, and ice cream is made from milk. No need for udders.:rolleyes:

    Edit: Found the research video.
  16. It's not as good. The last time I got milk from a horse it tas...

    I heard it's not as good.
  17. -tips the Cow over-
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  18. Udders, TNT, self-milking, lava... I was torn. But ultimately the humor of ICC milking ICC won my vote.
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  19. Clearly it was prejudice and nit-picking. Udders are always appropriate!