Economy Crisis?

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Is The Economy Having A Small Crisis?

Yes 47 vote(s) 32.0%
It might be true, But it's not effecting me 50 vote(s) 34.0%
No 56 vote(s) 38.1%
I don't know 14 vote(s) 9.5%
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  1. Economy Crisis?

    Hello EMC Community,
    After being a member for EMC over
    a year (Time has flied by). I have noticed
    many changes to EMC (Updates, Economy, Community).
    But lately I have noticed something going wrong
    with our Economy (My Opinion). After talking
    to several players (ToddV etc.). They could
    confirm that the economy is in a sort of crisis.
    I have experienced that some prices of items
    have dropped, especially promo items. I made
    my rupees off of mining or reselling my old promos
    and had a constant amount of rupees (400k).
    But lately I try what I always do but this limit
    is more challenging to get. In my
    opinion it's harder to get rupees. Also I have noticed
    EMC players as an average have less rupees these days.
    I found this out by selling promos, less players have
    a high amount of rupees to buy high price items. Could
    it be that our Economy is suffering? I have witnessed
    that players who do have money, Save a lot and don't
    participate in the economy rather hoard it. Which is
    a reason other players can't get a higher amount of rupees.
    So I asked myself why is this happening? I talked
    to ToddV and his assumption was that
    supporter vouchers are dropping in price? Could this
    be the root of the "Economy Crisis"? I would like
    to hear the communities perspective on this topic.
    I might be wrong or right, Let me hear your opinion.
  2. I've seen this with enchanted books as well.. what used to be worth 1-2k ~1-2 years ago is now 100-200r
  3. I don't think so. Not many people want higher priced items because the demand for them isn't there. Each promo pretty much mirrors the one that we had last year, which makes every consecutive year slower and slower in promotion sales. If things that were different came out I think players would spend more than they currently do, but the lack of fresh items has the promo economy in kind of a slump.
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  4. Time has indeed flied by...
  5. the good old day of expensive diamonds at 35r
  6. Don't forget the enchant market is total garbage too, with books of unbreaking 3 at only 250r or something. One year ago, you could add another 0 to that price. And I think you are right, all the top players with all the good old promos are hoarding all the stuff they have. They got the money and the promos, making it like the only way to get their money is selling them vouchers or a lot of dc's of materials for any crazy projects they have. And collectors like myself have to ruin their wallets to buy it because they got the monopole of the market.

    Anyway that's my opinion lol
  7. Where is 72Volt when you need him?
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  8. I have more rupees now than I have had in months. If there is an "economy crisis" I'm not feeling it.
  9. I am not feeling it at all either... :p

    Although I have millions save one alts that have no shops on those names, so the money sits there....

    Maybe the cause is coz of me... :p

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  10. I am not having any trouble with the economy, if there is trouble it's not effecting me.
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  11. Not building lava walls
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  12. Supply is up and Demand is low.
  13. Ya lol Not sure if I'm doing something right or others are doing something wrong. C.R.E.A.M. :cool:
  14. I have been feeling it.
    Before I had my break from EMC, I would be able to make around 10k a week (without voting). Now, that has become about 1k a week.
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  15. As far as the enchanted book business, I myself being one of the sellers of those 250r Unb3 books, it is ridiculously easy to make emeralds, almost even more so than when there were infinite paper villagers before 1.8. I can easily make a dc of emeralds in under an hour, and my (our) UNB3 villagers trades the book for only 17 emeralds.
    I cant really comment much on the promo market, other than the newer items (last 2 years or less) don't often go above 40k or possibly a little higher. The only item I foresee going up and there being a demand for in the future is the Mineral Mincer. Other than that, I think all of this just depends on HOW you participate in the economy; and keep in mind that it is important to diversify. If I were to solely flood the market with emeralds, soon there wouldn't be as much need for them. Having personal experience with this in regards to flooding the market with sea temple items as well as iron, it is important to mix things up and try something different if you aren't making the same amount as you once did doing the same thing. An Economy is alive....fluid....
  16. ahh.. good times.
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  17. lol that was fun
  18. Many valuable/desirable things (gold, iron, emeralds, beacons) are farmable with enough time and effort. Perhaps there is simply enough stuff in existence, and enough farms producing said stuff, that more is being made than will actually sell. Additionally, EMC has been around for a while, long enough that players have huge stashes of even materials that aren't renewable, like stone, sandstone and cobblestone. As people start to lose interest and leave the server, demand shrinks, while the supply stays the same or even increases because of selling to mega malls or continued accumulation.

    Just my 2 cents. Not an expert economist or anything :)
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  19. Wanna ruin the poppy market? I have 10 dcs thanks to an auction. Let's do this.
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  20. I wouldn't say the market is in a crisis, but I would say it's going through an adjustment. If you're having trouble making rupees, maybe you should consider when was the last time you "adjusted" your methods?

    Agree completely. This is one of those economic changes that took a while to go "mainstream". It still hasn't caught on completely since I see many players buying at the old price. (Also, thanks for all the books.)
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