Easter Holiday Event

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  1. Type '/event' to visit the Event Lobby and choose your game mode.
    Please be advised: Your event inventory is separate and independent from your SMP inventory.
    You will not be able to access your SMP inventory in the event world,nor will you be able to
    bring event items back to the SMPs. Any event rewards will be mailed to you.

    Edit: There is an oversight in the code that negates the /trade mechanic, so the event items may be brought into the SMPs if traded from the event world to the SMPs. The staff team have discussed this and have agreed to allow the use of this glitch with no penalty. The available lored items will be added to the wiki as official event items, and be avialable in the /shopworld for purchase in a few days (due to Aikar travelling to visit family for the holiday).
    Easter Valley and Scavenger Hunt Event are proudly presented by Build Team.
    Scavenger Hunt prizes provided by the Build Team member prize pool.

  2. Winners announced here: *click*

    How to Play: Find and solve the clues hidden throughout Easter Valley to complete the scavenger hunt. Play for fun or fill in the Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet for a chance to win great prizes*!
    • Finding Clues:
    Each clue will be found in the form of a button; there are 12 clues in total.
    You will find the same clues in both the Story Mode and Free-Roam areas.
    You can search for them as you play through the story, or you can search
    for them at you own pace.
    • Solving Clues:
    Each clue will require you to solve a simple puzzle to get the answer.
    Each clue has a number (1-12) that you will need for the answer sheet.
    Each answer will contain bonus letters. Any letter that fills in a (_) slot in an
    answer is a bonus letter and will be used to decode the final Bonus Phrase.

    • Bonus Phrase:
    The bonus phrase is made up of all the bonus letters from all 12 clues.
    • Hints:
    All of the answers will be Easter and/or Spring themed.
    Remember to keep track of your clue numbers and bonus letters.
    It's recommended that you first work on paper, then fill in the answer sheet.
    Rules and Details:
    • The deadline to submit an answer sheet is April 23 at 11:59pm EMC time.
    • Players that correctly answer the scavenger hunt clues and submit an answer sheet before the deadline will be entered in various drawings based on their level of completion.
    • Winners will be chosen by random number generator on April 25. Prizes will be mailed by April 30th.
    • You can play the scavenger hunt in a group, but each player must submit their own answer sheet for a chance to win prizes.
    • One entry per player/household/IP; no alts. Duplicate submissions will be deleted; your best attempt will be saved. Make sure you have filled in the form as completely as you can before pressing submit. ________________________________________________________________
    • Drawing One: Players that correctly answer at least three (3) clues will be entered for a chance to win one of ten 5k rupee prizes.
    • Drawing Two: Players that correctly answer at least six (6) clues will be entered for a chance to win one of ten 10k rupee prizes, one of 10 Vault Vouchers, or one of 10 Stable Vouchers.
    • Drawing Three: Players that correctly answer at least nine (9) clues will be entered for a chance to win one of five Iron Supporter Vouchers.
    • Drawing Four: Players that correctly answer all (12) of the clues and solve the bonus phrase will be entered for a chance to win one of five Gold Support Vouchers.
  3. Fun o.o

    EDIT: Just played through the story mode. Very fun and interesting take on EMC gameplay. Although at one point it got unclear where I was supposed to go, when you are instructed to go to the dairy farm I could not find the entrance until I was leaving (I had to parkour onto a tree to get in). Also with all the moving around Easter Valley I was also confused where the kitchen was and whether it was a room or another building. Overall the story mode is short but very fun, and I do hope EMC does more of this gameplay style.

    Haven't gotten to doing the scavenger hunt yet.
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  4. DANK

    Edit : I actually didn't read it yet
  5. Huge thanks and congrats to the team on this. They did all this without me! Been so super busy lately (but I think we're about to return to normal!).

    This is my first time seeing it too, and I'm amazed!
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  6. Everything looks great, and I sorta understand the reasoning behind the one entry per player / household / IP, but I also feel this truly undermines one of the best aspects of what makes the Empire great, which is Family. I know, I know, it is always the greed and unscrupulous ways of unethical people that set the overall tone for the rest of society, but it is dis-heartening that families that play together are punished due to utilizing the same IP. In this case, I would abstain from the event altogether if it would mean my son (SUPERI0N) and daughter (LadyJaye) could each have a chance in the drawing. I think a family registry of some sort might be in order to validate real people associated with real main characters in the mix of various alts. Maybe have multiple staff chat with all of us asking questions at the same time or something to verify we couldn't possibly do all of it at once.

    I thought it was awesome you guys actually made a Youtube video even though realm was misspelled. It was also interesting that the Event world was separate, I could see you guys actually building a world with all the Event areas sorta connected, and maybe having an area open at the appropriate season / holiday. Thanks to the Build Team for all of your hard work in creating, yet again, an amazing area to explore. Good luck to all the participants in this Epic looking /Event.

    Tempered Outpost Founder
  7. Hopefully I wont be asleep, so I shall try
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  8. I think im the first tondo it and i got a chocolate bunny for finishing :D does spawning it make it used and worth less?
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  9. Kudos and thanks to the team for pulling this together, we who get to enjoy the fruits of your labor thank you and appreciate the effort you put into keeping EMC so enjoyable.
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  10. Thanks! I agree it's a difficult situation with the alts v families. Be sure to note you can still play the event quest, the IP restriction is only for the scavenger hunt. I'd maybe recommend working as a family on finding and solving the clues? Then find a suitable way of splitting up any prizes you all win (if you find all of the clues together and the bonus phrase you will be entered in 4 drawings in total.) Hope this is helpful!
  11. There have been a few reports of people getting stuck during the story mode part of the event. If you are unable to unstick yourself - please contact any staff member and they will help you out, so you do not need to start over.
  12. Spawning and egging the chocolate bunnies does change them.
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  13. Warning Everyone

    The form does not keep answers after closing it. I learned this the hard way and lost 10 answered clues.
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  14. Thank you all for the amazing work that goes into events like this one! The build teAm truly outdid themselves, especially without Aikar's help. Just curious to know if there'll be a magical eggcellent wand this year?
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  15. This looks awesome! Good job build team :)
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  16. Solved the Bonus Phrase in the funniest way, can't wait to share when this is over.
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  17. Wow!
    This looks wonderfull.
    Cant wait to log in and explore the valley.

    Great job!
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  18. This looks so awesome so I'll certainly be checking it out later but won't be submitting any answers because I share an IP with the egg :p

    Fab work build team! :D

    Edit: I go back to university (And a separate IP) on Wednesday so I should be able to submit some answers :D
    Edit 2: Omnomnom chocolate bunny *Sets on fire* c:
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  19. This looks complicated, you sure chin won't break anything?
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  20. Amazing!

    - Andy
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