Easter Holiday Event

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  1. Not sure how you managed that :p Fixed it for ya though.
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  2. I had the exact opposite. I got locked out of the kitchen in the sweet shop.

    It was do to lag or something the button for the door vanished and I had to log off and back on for it to reappear.
  3. Welp,

    When I heard about it, My first reaction was Yasss..Last week I had a discussion and I guessed something will happen for easter. When you look at the event from a whole its not an ordinary server event. You really feel the love and effort the Build Team has put into this village. Those small key details using heads..and such forth make the whole village unique and amazing! I would stress everyone to take a look, I went twice using my alt to look at the amazing village and of course to get a second cool promo. I really hope you all take a look and understand what I'm saying..Cause its really amazing :)
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  4. I know they put a lot of work into it. And with this first one under our belt. We can get all the mechanics fixed and the next one will be even more awesome (I presume will be bug free completely!)

    All are welcome to be critical in the parts that didn't go smoothly, but I am pleased. :)
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  5. so i have 1 egg that doesnt wanna stack with the other, tho none of them havent been used, is this normal
  6. Was the /event /trade glitch patched now?
  7. I am actually confused on how to do a few of the things. I got the carrot juice and then I went tot he sweet shop and now I dunno how to get rid of the carrot juice?
  8. Go back to the Easter bunny's assistant, he'll take it and give you your next instruction :)
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  9. That was mildly difficult but fun. I was at a loss for awhile since I forgot one of the ( ) around 1 letter xD

    All good now. That's for the event :)
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  10. Wow! This is truly amazing!! Dont know if I will have a chance to find all the buttons, but what a fantastic event... incredible build. Thanks to all involved ... very sweet easter surprise!
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  11. Sounds like we can expect more of similar events? Welp, I cannot wait..I mean with every big project you can expect some issues, I find there weren't really any large issues pursue. There always some spots to be critical but I find this thread isn't the place for this..Generally it was an amazing event!
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  12. -- staff edit - removed false info --
  13. How would I go about installing or using a VPN?
  14. Actually by you saying this I believe you and when I placed my bunny then re-egged him he loses the soulbound so thanks for that.
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  15. well depends, as there are a ton of VPN's out there.
  16. I did the same, however it doesn't bother becuz i have OTHER intentions for him.......
    I wonder how hot he has to be to melt??????? jkjk
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  17. If you want i would trade you a soulbound one for yours, as I plan to spawn one anyway. just PM me
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  18. We can hope! Build team did almost all of the work for this, so ultimately it is their call. They have my support in doing it again (I will be willing to contribute code to help them out).
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  19. a skele fell fron the sky today and ya.....
  20. When does this event end?