Easter Holiday Event

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  1. Yay! I'm excited I won something, but even if I hadn't, this was a FUN event. I enjoyed having to "work" for my promo this time. Don't get me wrong, I'll take an easy promo any day, but this was really neat. Thanks everyone!
  2. I know I'm very late doing this event due to family commitments, but I was hoping to go thru the story mode. I'm stuck with Hank in the chocolate mines. Hank will not speak to me so I can't collect chocolate bits. Can someone tell give me a hint on what I'm missing?
  3. Go back to the previous step. Sometimes if your too fast it does not switch maps
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  4. I tried going back to the sweet shop then back to the mine but Hank still wouldn't talk. So I tried restarting the event and going very slowly. At the Sweet shop, I get both messages and the screen flashed so I don't think I'm missing anything there. Also the signs changed to coco. I guess Hank just doesn't like me :p.
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  5. Have you tried offing the greedlers? That's how you get the cocoa bits - if you're not seeing them or killing them doesn't produce cocoa bits, then yeah, I'm not sure. :(
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  6. Seriously? I need to kill the little green guys? Ok, I'll give that a try, thanks.
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  7. Thanks, I was able to get the coco bits. Seemed a bit harsh killing little guys who couldn't fight back, but I want my chocolate bunny.
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  9. This is Minecraft, not My Little Pony.
  10. Haha, yeah, they seemed so harmless and then we needed to kill them. :p
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  11. I got stuck after getting the milk from Betsy, so I teleported out of the world and restarted the event...when I get to the milk part, Betsy doesn't do anything now... :confused:
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  12. I tried doing the event again on a different SMP server, but the same thing happened. :eek:

  13. Same thing happened to me. What I did was go back to where I delivered the chocolate chips. Then I went back to get the milk and it worked. Maybe try this...

    Would have been cool if they could at least have been able to steal the chocolate chips from our inventory. Sort of like we can let them get near us... But still need to kill them to get the chips.
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  14. Were the rupee prizes mailed, or paid directly?
  15. Yes, by simon
  16. If you have a little bit of patience, you can get there !
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