DSFAM - Dragon Stone Fragment Awareness Month

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  1. Hello everyone,

    This month we are raising awareness for the gathering of Dragon Stone Fragments!
    The DSFAM-campaign will be held in the month of July, and will exist out of the following:
    - Daily statusupdates about Dragon Stone Fragments
    - Many hints, tips, tricks
    - Share your stories, videos, screenshots!

    What are Dragon Stone Fragments and how do I get them?
    There are two different items that you can acquire related to the Dragon Tombs.
    Dragon Stones and Dragon Stone Fragments.

    The wiki about Dragon Stones:
    Their use is believed to be in gaining access to a dragon tomb, once one is found.

    The wiki about Dragon Stone Fragments:
    One of 2 items in the first part of the Dragon Tombs Update, these are obtained as rare drops from all enraged mobs and minibosses. Their only use so far is acquiring dragon stones.

    Why are you raising awareness for Dragon Stone Fragments?
    By raising awareness for fragments, we hope to get more people engaged in the epic Dragon Tomb adventure.
    Not only are the 'Enraged mobs' and minibosses amazing features for EMC, fighting them is challenging!

    The custom challenges require teamwork, and playing as teams strongly bonds our community.
    Raising awareness to inspire teamplay and engagement is our goal, and you can help!

    What can I do to raise awareness for Dragon Stone Fragments?
    Invite your neighbours, share the words/pictures/videos, form groups, fight enraged, gear up and above all,
    prepare for.. Dragons.

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  2. I'm going to build a Dragon Stone Tower man, you'll see it from everywhere, and when it's done I will drop a dragon stone!

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  3. The great thing about the DSFAM campaign is that you can prepare for Dragon Tombs with your mates but also make some money on the side before they even come out!

    If you want to sell your Fragments for good money, prices are raised at 18200 for buying Fragments (Gift Shop floor, SMP9) and they are also purchased or sold at 9001 on SMP4, bloodra1n's promo store, so if you are unsure what to do with your Fragments then no worries!

    Dragon Stone Fragments have seemed to die out recently so this campaign is here to bring them back to life so that everyone can get prepared, whether they want some money on the side or to be prepared for the adventures that lie ahead!

    Happy hunting!
  4. 4th......... and dragon fragments are hard to get..... I've never gotten one from an enraged mob
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  5. I have one stone and 8 frags! Trust me, they drop.
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  6. 2014-06-27_18.19.32.png

    Sold on Rooftop, 18252, smp9. Love killing enraged mob (when there isn't server lag...cause then you die)!
  7. #DSFAM
    Tip #1 - When fighting enraged mobs be well equipped! Diamond armor, good sword, good bow and potions should give you an easy advantage!
  8. Player Testimonial:
    (Please read in an incredibly happy, cheerful voice.)
    Before I learned about DSFAM, I didn't
    even know what a Dragon Stone Fragment was!
    Now that I've found it, I live in a house made
    of fragments!
    Thanks, DSFAM!
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  9. Here at Concordia, we have collected 8 Dragon Stone Fragments and one Dragon Stone from citizens in contributions. We are building an Army which we plan to send into a Dragon Tomb once the update is launched.
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  10. Oh my gosh, someone actually listened to my suggestion? I gotta go lie down, this is just too much to wrap my head around.
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  11. If you're hunting them on level 5, potions really aren't necessary. If you have a god sword they go down pretty easy.

    I got 2 more frags from a Momentus today!!
  12. Didn't your diamond supporter expire or did the forums not update your title yet? lol
  13. I was having problems making a payment but I got it straightened out. Some weird glitch happened when I updated from gold to diamond.
  14. Because of DSFAM my family has turned into rabid rabbits and I am allergic to pizza.

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  15. At least you have dragon stone fragment awareness!
  16. Rabbit meat is very tasty!
  17. I've got a question for everyone. Nine flint fragments can be crafted into a single coal fragment, has anyone tried taking the coal fragments and putting it into the same crafting recipe as a coal block and seeing what happens? A long time ago it was said that three stacks of the flint pieces were needed to enter tomb. If 9 flint = 1 coal, and then possibly 9 coal = 1 ??? could that be a dragon stone that's no longer a fragment.

    Can some who has 9 coal fragments try it out and see what happens? I REALLY want to know if it does anything.

    Also doesn't the power of the fragment increase the larger the group is?
  18. Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.03.26 AM.png
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  19. So I made this thing in case anyone wants to put it into their signature, seeing as it's small. :) I believe it fits expecially nicely with sigs like the ones AlexChance makes, so if you have one of those and want to support the DSFAM campaign, you should definitely use this. :) #DSFAM! :D

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