[Service] Buttons/Banners: FREE

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  1. Unfortunately, I had to close this business. If you were waiting on order, you have received a small amount of ingame payment. Sorry.

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  2. More Work Samples
    This post has evolved from an old bump into a magical place to store more work samples! Yay! Note that samples with buttons are not linked/split in the samples as they are in reality. Some in the spoiler below have had further edits while being split, such as shrinking and the removal of excess white areas such as the small dot by the golden apple in captaincraft300's order.

  3. I plan on getting one, I just do not know what to get.
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  4. You know you want one, people. I don't bite! ;)
  5. Wow this one pretty awesome.

    I just wish I knew what I wanted D:
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  6. Take your time. :) I'm not going anywhere.
  7. I really lol'd. Even though when everyone says lol they usually didn't. :p
  8. Definitely getting one! Can I send a pic of my drawing idea?
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  9. And can I put buttons on there myself?
  10. I won't be here until like a week so nvm for now.
  11. Yup, just private message me with it! :)

    Sure, you may chop it up into smaller links yourself if you like. :)

    EDIT: I will now do this for you if needed. :)
  12. Ooh, I wants one :D
    Lemme just take a bit of time to figure out what I want mine to be...
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  13. Finished SkyDragon's, moving on to Qwerty's. :) Order at any time, people! :D
  14. Hashhog can I post a picture u copy it and u add graphic art to it and I post it so I can have it back

    And if so how much would it cost

    If u can I'll post the photo and tell u the text I want to add

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  16. That reminds me. I forgot to pay you!
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  17. Mmm... could you pass the cattle prod, please?
  18. Hash ok so I don't have to pay but can u add text to a picture
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  19. Yup! No payment and I can add whatever you want. :)