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  1. Ah yes hello there, my name is Vrakroth, author of Vrakroth's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Creatures.
    I've decided to tell all of you about a great game, called Dragon Cave. Now Dragon Cave is a game where you steal virtual dragon eggs and raise them as your own. The game not only allows you raise hundreds of different breeds of dragons, but also allows you to breed them together.
    Now raising a dragon is simple, it starts out as an egg and matures to hatchling, then mature hatchling, then adults. Once a dragon reaches adulthood, it cannot die, about that. If a dragon doesn't mature in 7 days it will die. I but you're asking "But Vrakroth, how do we make our dragons mature?", why that is simple my human friends.
    For a dragon to mature it has to be seen, this happens when somebody, well sees the egg in a signature or post. After a dragon reaches enough views it will mature to the next stage, but only at 4 days left.
    There are two types of views. Views and unique views, for every unique view a dragon gets, it can get another 15 max views. A unique view is a one time only occurrence when you see that specific dragon for the first time. There are also clicks. Clicking a maturing dragon makes it mature faster! It also allows you to see the dragons stats, those being it's breed, when it has matured and it's family tree (if it has one).

    Now that you've got some dragons, here's how you can get more eggs. 2 adult dragons can breed together to make a new egg. This new dragon egg will be the breed of one of the parent, unless the parents make a special breed together.
    If breeding isn't of your fancy you can grab more from the cave or you can go to the abandoned page, where you can orphan dragons whose owners don't want them anymore, it;s quite a kind thing to do. keep in mind dragons from here have less time than dragons from the cave.

    Once you've breed a dragon or picked one up from the abandoned page, you'll fine that the egg has something called a lineage page. This is my favorite part of the whole site as it's nice to see who's related to my new baby. This page allows you to see about 11 generations worth of dragons related to your new egg. To better understand it check out the lineage page for Celestine - The Living Star.

    So are you ready to play? Here is a link to the site it will help you understand this better with it's shorter simpler tutorial.
    If you find that you're having trouble getting views, bring them to a hatchery such as DragHatch. All you got to do is put in your scroll name and choose which dragons to put in there.

  2. Lol I remember this. Good luck!
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  3. I just wanted to explain it to everyone. Thought it would be helpful.
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  4. I recently started doing this :3 You can probably tell by my signature
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  5. Thought I would bump.
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  6. Looks like I got my first dragon to hatch. I also did some more research and will out it in the main post.
    Meet Narlonthas. https://dragcave.net/view/cBF3h
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  7. More dragons have hatched, A celestial dragon, who've I named Celestine - The Living Star, a Spitfire named Darilth of the Raging Sands and a Royal Blue Dragon who's been named Vrakroth the Wise. Also adopted a White Dragon and Cloud Dragon from the abandoned page.
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  8. 3 of my eggs are near hatching and my 1 other is starting to crack! I am excited to see what the dragons will look like!
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  9. They'll be hatching in 1 hour.
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  10. Some of my eggs hatched :D I have Saphira - The Slow and Camroth - the Voiceless!
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  11. Oh my, Camroth is a Wyvern, a rare breed of dragon, that can only breed with other Wyverns!
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  12. I used to play this a bunch, and have some dragons with nifty lineages, such as this one.
    (Yes, this was a failed attempt to extend this lineage.)
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  13. Seems that egg was laid today. You starting again?
    Interesting names for the parents, it's looks like you named each one based on it's past parent.
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  14. :D While I was away at school another one of my dragons hatched. I named the dragon Gemini - The Twins ( named after the third astrological zodiac )! I named them that because it is a two-headed dragon! At first I was going to name them Yin and Yang but I decided otherwise.
  15. Well that's pretty lucky, because two-headed dragons are ALSO a rare breed. They, similar to your wyvern, can only breed with other two-headed dragons. So far none of your dragons can breed together.
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  16. Apparently I am lucky for getting rare dragons xD
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  18. 2 Of my dragons grew up and 1 of them changed colors. Then I have 2 eggs that are close to hatching! I am going to take the adults off my signature later today because they are pretty big and replace them with new eggs :D
  19. I haven't played Dragon Cave in a while!
    Link to the original thread on this forum, because I think it's still relevant, but I understand you created a new thread as many people in that thread have left. Some might show up again when they receive an alert, though! ;)
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  20. Didn't really want to bump a year old thread. Thought it would also be helpful to have a list of helpful information for anybody who wanted to try it.
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