Vrakroth's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Monsters

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  1. Greetings, I am Vrakroth, a member of the Western Dragonflight and I have studied creatures you consider mythical in my long life. The original text was written in my tongue and was widely popular among my flight and many others.

    In the pages of this book, you shall discover and learn about creatures from all around the world, hear about magic, and you shall learn about some of the gods we follow and our own history. Hopefully, you will leave this wiser, smarter, and more knowledgeable of the amazing creatures that may still inhabit this beautiful planet.

    Our faith itself is entwined with the Earth itself. We know of Gailana, the goddess of balance and Earth. Her two children are the sun and the moon, Solarian and Lunarian. For now, this is all you will be required to understand.

    ~Vrakroth, Researcher to the High Draconic Council

    End of Page 1

    Name: Western Dragon
    Myths: European
    Description: The Western Dragonflight, we were magnificent. You probably already know about us well. We had beautiful scales of varying colors, ranging from green to blue and all in between. No creature was more amazing than us.

    We are quite the magic users and we happen to be able to breathe out various gases and flames. Many of us breathe fire, but some of us breathed out noxious gases and deadly fogs. Our wings are our most used feature as we get around by flying quite often, though the most magnificent part of us is the scales that line our body. These scales are resistant to many, no, every weapon and gave our murders such a difficult time we typically killed them before they killed us. That didn't stop them forever and they soon found other ways to kill us.

    In an age, you humans named The Medieval Ages you began to hunt us down as we began to be called hell-spawns. This typing of us as a demon of sorts led to knights killing us. They called themselves dragon-slayers and followers of your gods, they were nothing more than murderers to us. We retaliated by burning your villages and stealing your folk, we never treated them badly mind you, except for a few of us, such as the one slain by your dragon-slayer St. George. Soon enough you killed us all.

    Western Dragons are barely alive, very few remain left. I was one of the lucky ones. There are other dragonflights, most notably the Eastern Dragons who are gods to many in the East. I shouldn’t forget the Draconians either, a race of half-human, half-dragon hybrid. We shall cover them soon enough.

    End of Page 2
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  2. This is great :3
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  3. Name: Kitsune
    Myths: Japanese
    Description: The Kitsune is a fox yokai known to be devious. They're quite interesting in terms of appearance as they look like a normal fox. Some have multiple tails, such as the one that terrorized Prince Hanzoku of Japan.

    The kitsune can be dangerous, yet they spend most of their powers on trickery and rarely to help others. The powers they do happen to have are powerful it happens. One of their most used powers is the ability to shape-shift into humans, no idea why they choose your weak form, none the less when they are human they typically appear as beautiful females of your race. It is nearly impossible to tell if a woman is a kitsune, mind their shadow which will always be that of a fox. The most dangerous thing a kitsune can do is possess someone, they are more obvious to identify as it is common that someone possessed will have their facial features resemble a fox's and act like one.

    Inari, the rice goddess's messengers are kitsune. Unlike other kitsune, those who are servants of Inari are guardian spirits and can ward away evil. One of my assistants from long ago served Ianri and told me about the goddess, she was quite a nice kitsune, I haven't seen her in ages sadly.

    End of Page 3
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  4. The Kitsune aka The Nine Tailed Fox is one of my favorite mythical animals. They are beautiful creatures. Pokemon also based a pokemon off the Kitsune. They called it NineTails ( which happens to be my favorite pokemon :p ).
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  5. Well my friend I'm afraid the next creature is not so... wonderful.
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  6. Oh really?
    I'm curious... :p I've been reading this here and there, it's looking quite good so far. Aside from a few grammar issues here and there, the tone is very atmospheric, and it works to draw the readers in. Good job on that. :)
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  7. Name: Wendigo
    Myths: Native
    Description: The wendigo is the vilest creature I've ever encountered. I first discovered this creature when I visited a newly discovered land and stayed with men who you call Algonquin in your tongue. My Illusion magic allows some interesting interaction with your race. Now the wendigo is awful and dangerous, it even scares me. It is gaunt and pale, in its eyes you can see the hunger unending it lusts for.

    The wendigo is a demonic spirit that is cannibalistic in behavior, always hungry and always seeking food. It can possess people, especially those who have committed acts of cannibalism. Those possessed by the wendigo will become thin and grow a hunger for human flesh and their hunger never ceases. One such case of possession led to a man eating his whole family even though he was only a few kilometers away from a trading post.

    Luckily for many, the wendigo is native to a region with 5 large lakes in North America. If you do encounter such a creature as the wendigo I fear you're already dead. There is no getting away from its endless hunger and it has, as far as I'm concerned, no way to be truly killed.

    End of Page 4
  8. I have never heard of the wendigo before, so this was new to me. It is quite interesting, vile, but interesting. Cant wait to hear more!
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  9. Oh my. This is intriguing.
  10. Name: Lycan
    Myths: European
    Description: The lycan or how you humans prefer to call them, "werewolves" are men who have been inflicted with a curse of lycanthropy. These creatures will reveal their true form under a full moon, they will then appear as a wolf who has quite a humanoid appearance until the moon sets.

    Lycans are dangerous when under the effect of the curse, but are nearly harmless when they appear human. When they are in their wolf form Lycans will hunt for food. This food will be meat and it could be humans, it typically is forest animals luckily.

    They happen to have a weakness to silver, which I truly still don't understand. The first instances of Lycans relate to the Greeks with the man named Lycaon. This awful man murdered another of his kind and presented it to Zeus, a godly being. The god swiftly punished him for doing such a terrible act by changing him into a wolf to represent what he did.

    Now I would prefer that you didn't have this knowledge though it can be helpful if you think another is attempting this. If you wish to become a Lycan there are few things that can be done. One of those means is wearing a wolf pelt over the bare body, whilst another has you drink from a pond that wolves have drunken from. There are others, for now that is to remain unknown. I recommend you attempt none of this or you may pay an ultimate price.

    End of Page 5
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  11. I have heard of the Lycan and I have wrote a little anout them in a journal. In fact I have a whole journal full of entries on these mythical beasts.
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  12. Nice.. I actually heard the name 'Lycan' for the first time when I watched Underworld, one of my favorite 'soft horror' movies.
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  13. Could you do the Chinese Dragon and the Small-Winged Iridescent Dragons? Chinese dragons are whatever you think they are, the iridescent ones are the size of dogs and have ferocious appetites. Their scales are iridescent (duh) and they come in all colors.
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  14. Name: Eastern Dragon
    Myths: Eastern
    Description: The Eastern Dragons are my cousins. We are similar in appearance with the small differences. They have more serpentine like bodies and a lack of wings, though they can still fly. They also have what I guess you would call "whiskers", though there is no true name for them.

    Unlike what happened to our flight, their flight has been worshiped as gods and the pinnacle of wisdom for centuries. The reason why this is may be due to their control over the seas and winds, which also makes them dangerous enemies. They have a stronger connection to the elements than I ever will. There are also a few kings, such as the King of the Eastern Seas in China, Ao Guang. Ao Guang brought destruction in the form of droughts and storms, not even the Jade Emperor would dare to stop him. The only one who "defeated" Ao Guang was Nezha, a human boy who angered him.

    If you ever do happen to encounter an Eastern Dragon then I wouldn't fear. They can be benevolent and helpful, it's just a matter of getting on their good side, which is difficult. They can be fairly picky about who to trust and I certainly wouldn’t blame them.

    End of Page 6
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  15. I love Chinese Dragons. I wrote an essay on them a year ago, sadly I lost it xD They are elegant creatures but very dangerous if you get on their bad side. I enjoy learning more and more about them. I like learning about Japanese and Chinese myths and mythical creatures that happen to be around those areas.
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  16. I would like to hear about the Basilisk :3
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  17. Name: Basilisk
    Myths: European
    Description: The basilisk is a very dangerous reptilian like creature which can be considered a species of dragon. A single glare from its eyes is enough to kill even a dragon in cold blood. It resembles another creature called the cockatrice, they share the avian head and serpentine body. The major difference between the two is that the cockatrice turns its victims to stone statues. The basilisk however doesn’t change anyone to the stone, it poisons them.

    Now the basilisk has been a bane on this world for as long as I can remember. It spews noxious gas and leaves trails of venom around. As said before, its stare kills, simply by stopping the onlooker's heart in mere seconds. This makes the basilisk highly dangerous and very difficult to kill. Basilisks though for as powerful as they are, happen to have a weakness to weasels. Yes, those small animals who are terribly annoying. The reason why they're afraid of weasels is due to their reptilian connections as part snake, which also happen to be deathly afraid of weasels.

    I don't know of any tales of men surviving an encounter with a basilisk. Its title as Most Venomous Creature is no lie as even in cases where the hero did kill the basilisk he simply was consumed by the venom afterwards from the dead creature. In truth, it would be a wonderful idea to do your best to avoid the basilisk if you don’t enjoy dying.

    End of Page 7
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  18. Name: Phoenix
    Myths: Arabian
    Description: The phoenix is the most magnificent and peaceful creature to have ever lived. A phoenix is a flaming bird the size of an eagle, that subsists on only the morning dew hurting no living creature and crushing not a single insect. Making it one of the few extremely peaceful creatures to walk this planet.

    Now there can only ever be a single living Phoenix at a time, for what reason this is I can't answer. This poses no problem to the phoenix as the phoenix can live up for as much as 1400 years and upon its death it's reborn. A phoenix upon its death will ignite itself in a magnificent fire in a nest of myrrh and from the ashes of its body the next Phoenix will be born. This cycle has gone on for as long as I can remember and has had you humans associate it with rebirth and life eternal.

    I once went to see a phoenix's death, I was quite saddened to see such an amazing creature which had seen so much die. I stayed at the nest until the new phoenix was born three days later, it looked at me with its fiery eyes and I left so it may do its sacred duty. I will never forget that moment, it is truly one of the proudest points in my life.

    End of Page 8
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  19. Name: Sirin
    Myths: European
    Description: Sirin's are quite harmless and are only dangerous to humans that are not attuned with the light. For you humans, this means that you need to be saintly. They resemble owls on the lower half of their body, yet on the top part of their body is a woman who wears a golden crown. This unique appearance makes them odd creatures to look at and quite similar as an avian version of the siren.

    Now a sirin's song tells saints of eternal life and the joys of a place in the sky. To regular humans these songs would cause them to forget the world around them and follow the sirin till their death, this makes them like the aforementioned and more dangerous sirens who inhabit the seas.

    If you're a normal human you can scare away the sirins with loud noises and that does work, though I find it's better to simply avoid them. This is quite easy as sirins live by places of paradise far away from many humans who would cause trouble in such places. I highly recommend that you do not go near these places unless you are highly attuned with the light, lest I fear for your death.

    End of Page 9
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  20. I am not attuned with the light xD