A simple DragonCave thread

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  1. So I noticed that the old thread has seeming died in my absence.. :(
    If you are sitting there going, "What you talking about Willis? :eek:" Do you see underneath my post in my sig? All those little dragons and eggies? They are from a site called DragonCave. You can breed, adopt and raise a plethora of dragons for you to use to your own whim.
    You can find these eggs in various biomes or abandoned by whom had them last.. You can also get them from other players as gifts, or in trades.
    I am very active on their forums and particularly in a breeding and gifting thread called... wait for it... Breeding, Gifting.. xD
    I can breed dragons from my own scroll for people interested but if I cannot get a particular egg, I may be able to direct you to where you can.. :3

    Notice: Lets try not to spam this thread like the old one with "click my eggies" messages.. If you put them in your signature, DC will count unique views each time your signature is viewed by someone.. And this in essence, feeds the dragons.. :3
  2. I thought this whole thing died off. Clearly I was mistaken.
  3. I think it kinda died off here because most of the people who were big on it left EMC or quit doing it.. :/
  4. I forgot to get my Valentine eggies :( Are they still able to breed, or do I have to wait until next year to snag some?
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  5. The breeding season ended with the end of the Arsani drop at 12:00 AM on the 15th, any of them that were left over after the drop would've grown by now.. :(
  6. Oh, margaritte.. Guess what I got during the Christmas breeding season.. :3
  7. I got my valentine ones! Prepare to see me here ALL the time...
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  8. She is s beauty!
  9. I tried to get a purebred silver for someone when I saw this thread.
    Bred the male with his daughter on accident. :( I need to name my darn dragons.

    I think there are some father issues there, though, because she refused to even go near him.
  10. Lol. Anyone want some dragons? I'll edit my sig with links.
  11. It would be fun using this if all it took was to post it in your signature, and that was that... but if you just do that, they die off. You have to deal with click farms, and whatnot... too much hassle, in my opinion.
  12. not really, the click farms take 2 minutes to set up, and then you're done. I've raised plenty of eggs without the clickfarm anyways :)
  13. I know this link has been posted a zillion times, but http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/ is the simplest way to keep your dragons thriving -- no clicking required. It's a simple viewing page that you can keep running in an open tab for a few hours a day and it gets the job done nicely with no hassle.
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  14. 5 new eggs, one is my first black, and the nebbie is a dorkface from midas!
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  15. click farm?
  16. Second Gen PB Black.
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  17. How can you give eggs to other people?

    (yay! my sand egg is hatchling now!)
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  18. Magi dragons have a breed specific ability called teleport. It allows you to set up either gifting (one-way) link or trading (two-way) links. I just got another clutch of them not too long ago. They are the orange dragons/eggs.
  19. Nvm, second black dragon... Marg, you still open for tinsel breeding?
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  20. I'm full atm, but in a few days I will have a slot open. Which tinsel did you want?