Don't abuse the +shop and +mall tags

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Misuse of shop and mall tags should be reported and corrected

Yes 55 vote(s) 87.3%
No 5 vote(s) 7.9%
IDC 3 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. Hi there,

    I'd like to ask all members to check their
    /res tag list
    and to remove the shop tag if they don't have a functional, usable shop
    and to remove the mall tag if they don't have a functional large shop with more than 30 items.

    I'm also asking for your opinion, if the players that have shop or mall tag, but no shop or mall there should be reported and if moderators / senior staff should help them remove the tags. So no punishing, just helping them adjust the tags and understand what people use /v +shop and /v +mall for and that it's frustrating when they can't find a shop on their res.
  2. It would be nice to clean up old tags where people no longer have a shop/mall, because obviously it's very helpful for players (especially newer ones) to be able to find shops easily using those tags. If you notice an active player with one of these tags but no shop then you can always just send them a message, but maybe there should be some sort of system. Perhaps as you say using staff, or maybe even some sort of code that counts the amount of shop signs on the res and determines whether or not the tag can be added/taken away depending on how many shops there are.

    Just a few ideas... but I'm not 100% sure on what I'd want put in personally, so I'll watch this thread and see what people say.
  3. I agree. However, I want to be very explicit here: as long as this doesn't turn into a rule; so no consequences for the players themselves. I'm convinced that in most cases the whole thing is a mere misunderstanding. I agree that asking players about it helps sometimes, but in many cases this also involves around inactive players.

    However, I am a bit worried about the possible extra taxation on the staff. I get the feeling that they're busy enough as it is (though this is but an impression), also because of all the new players and such.

    Hmm, wait a second, this gives me an idea. But I'll have to dump that somewhere else first ;) (edit: I shouldn't be so vague about that stuff, esp. since I have completely forgotten what I was referring to :D)

    But another idea: maybe the developers could put timestamps on "financial tags"? So if a player becomes derelict then the system will automatically remove the "shop" and "mall" tags. Seems fair to me, considering that their residences will disappear sooner or later. But if we're dealing with older players then the reset could take several weeks from happening. In those cases a "tag reset" might help.
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  4. A rule does not have to have a punishment as a consequence.
    I'm asking here for opinions if this should be a rule with the consequence of the misused tags being removed.

    I also think it is misunderstanding and ignorance in 99.9% of the cases.

    Some (unofficial) guides even recommend adding the shop and mall tags before finishing the shop / making the chest-shop signs. My opinion is that this should be discouraged - and that it should be reportable.

    Making the tags more usable and of higher value will benefit all owners of really functional shops.
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  5. Preach! Just removed my res mall flag after I took it down and forgot to remove my flag... Thanks MM
  6. I agree, but should be used appropriately.
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  7. Very much yes.
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  8. Agreed I like this idea and +mall, +shop should be regulated to be used on res with acuall shops on them and not as a rule but as a tip to all new and old players
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  9. You can report a player for misuse of the tag system by reporting the player with info about the res, the tag itself, and why the tag is not valid. Krysyy mentioned this in a previous thread about the subject. This will not result in punishment unless there is repeated abuse of the system, if I remember correctly.
  10. This would be faster ^-^
  11. You are welcome to report a player with an incorrect tag and someone ( SS ) can take care of it. But you must be sure so you as a player are not false reporting someone. Maybe the mall is hidden or they have a shop tag and only one item for sale. We are always willing to help.

    As a player I hate looking for a mall or shop and landing on a empty res.
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  12. yes dear god i agree!
    can't tell you how many times i've been jumping around on +mall tag and i get spawned on a place that isn't even a mall yet... its being constructed ... no where NEAR being done...

    please do not add the mall tag to your residence if your mall is not open and selling.
    a residence with 6 months of work left before it will open should NOT have a mall tag on it. :) please and thank you.
  13. Can we agree that one item for sale is a shop, but not a mall?
    Can we also agree that if you can't find the shop on the res within 1 minute of searching, that it is the same as no shop there?
  14. Try smp3 sometime! There's one place that sends you to a tiny room with no way out! 80% of the time you use them, you don't come anywhere near a real shop.

    I assume that the whole +shop/+mall was created to be helpful, right? Well on smp3 it's a disaster. It's actually far more aggravating than useful.

    Someone mentioned that it shouldn't be a rule? Of course it should be a rule. If you don't have a shop on your property you don't use the +shop tag. Why would that sound unreasonable?

    Couldn't you just have a member of staff assigned to each server? Then, once a week, they spend 15 minutes bouncing around using +shop. Anyone using the tag when they shouldn't, you strip the tag and drop them a note.

    I really hope this gets sorted out. Back when I first started I used to love to use the +shop feature to explore different shops. Now it just makes me want to kick someone.
  15. This one made me chuckle. Why would you use the +shop tag to bring people to a mall if it's hidden?
  16. I have found shops or malls hidden on reses. One player made it a game to find.

    Instead of having staff spending 15 minutes a week why not just have the 100's of players use /report

    You and I agree that one item is not a mall. Someone else may say it is. Or that it is a mall in progress.

    You and I agree on several aspects of economy type things but it doesn't matter how long it takes to find a shop if it's on the res then the shop tag still applies.

    Personally I think mall should be restricted to a place that has 50 buy and sell signs. And neither tag should be used unless it leads to an mall entrence.
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  17. I also would like tags to be accurate, however I would prefer that the server enforce this with tech than to have moderators enforcing it. The latter can cause drama and division in the community, and with the former we band together and blame Aikar.
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  18. I am personally so sick of seeing residences which have 1-5 shop chest with +mall or no shop at all with both tags. Or an an unbuilt mall/shop that has been unfinished for half a year with the +mall tag still.
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  19. My 2 Cents:

    (New) Market Tag - 1 to 20 buy/sell signs
    Shop Tag - 11 to 35 buy/sell signs
    Mall Tag - 36+ buy/sell signs

    No "hidden mall/shop" bull crap, if you're using the tag use it right.