Don't abuse the +shop and +mall tags

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Misuse of shop and mall tags should be reported and corrected

Yes 55 vote(s) 87.3%
No 5 vote(s) 7.9%
IDC 3 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. We have (even before adding the +shop and +mall tags) made signs and teleports saying it is being worked on, and that you "should" visit our temporary shop/mall at res #XXX. So people can go to the actual properly working mall through the sign teleports within 5 seconds, or it is actually technically a shop and mall, as it has a few (working!) shop signs, and looks like a mall. :)


    But yes this would be a good thing, I might still have the +shop tag on my first residence, as I think I forgot to remove it a while ago. I mean yes, there are a few shop signs there, but it's not worth a visit, even I come there rarely :p
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  2. Wow, this is odd.

    Is there any point in having the mall tag then? Why not just use the shop tag and be done with it?
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  3. Yes, it is useful to have freedoms even if they are sometimes abused. :)
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  4. I think a mall is considered to be a shop that sells everything and a shop has a smaller range of products. Often the shop will be owned by a person just starting out or a person looking to specialize in a certain group or two of materials.
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  5. I think you missed my point. This isn't about freedom.

    The point I was making was, if anyone can use the mall tag why bother having it? All you really need is the shop tag. The mall tag will just end up adding confusion.
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  6. it would have to be a rule to be reportable no?

    i think those tags in particular should cost some small amount of rupees to do monthly idk how they would implement that but fi you cant afford say 50r a month then you arent a shop and lets say 500r a month for malls?
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  7. Nah, I didn't miss your point. I was just answering that we shouldn't throw out the good because of a little bad. If it's a lot bad with very little good then I agree with you to get rid of it.
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  8. It would be good to have it mentioned under the general guideline about not to bother other players.
    Misplaced shop tag is a small nuisance, but affects many players over and over, so it's big enough in the sum.

    This would probably make people think twice before adding shop and mall tags to a green field.

    Are the res tags reset when the res is reset?
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  9. they are supposed to be, glitches are common though