Don't abuse the +shop and +mall tags

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Misuse of shop and mall tags should be reported and corrected

Yes 55 vote(s) 87.3%
No 5 vote(s) 7.9%
IDC 3 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. I like this Idea... There only remains one question for me:
    let's take myselve as an example. my alt, magnusmercrator, has once been a diamond supporter via a supporter voucher, During the time it was a supporter, was I still building on the mall on it's first res (Not that it's finished at the moment...) But, I wanted to give it all res taggs needed [shop, mall, mm, etc.] So, I gave that res all taggs I wanted during it was a supporter, so it could have more taggs, it wasn't finished, but I did have to do the taggs at that time. would the taggs be removed or not?
  2. This isn't a problem if there is a sign at the res spawn, like "The shop is hidden. Find it if you can."
    A person can then decide if to search or not.

    This would make reporting residences with shop or mall tag but no shop to find impossible.
    It might be somewhere on the res but impossible or hardly possible to find.
    I'd suggest a more friendly policy to improve the current situation with shop and mall tags.
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  3. Good question.
    You would need supporter status again when the mall is finished to add the tags.

    I see two simple approaches

    - A very visible sign at the res spawn that reads "no shop here yet" - so the people will lose minimum time.

    - Get supporter status when the shop is finished and add tags. This is more expensive solution for you, but better for other players who probably won't thank you for that. :) But people won't remember your res as a defunct shop.
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  4. I don't know if it has been mentioned but a simple search command would sort this out, so a player can not set the +mall or +shop tags unless a shop is present on the res and if the shop is removed then again with server reboot a check is made and with no shop the +mall or +shop tag is also removed.

    I am sure Aikar could sort this in 5 seconds, I am not a programmer but it does not sound like a difficult task and would save staff and players a lot of time.

    Pls correct me if I am wrong
  5. I love the idea of adding a market tag!

    Silken_tread's idea is the perfect solution. Aikar could create a program that would search each res for buy and sell signs. You could even go as far as letting the program add the tags automatically. If you didn't want your shop to be public maybe you add some type of "shop=false" tag to your res.
  6. from a technical side:

    Enforcing it automatically is difficult. Shops are simply signs, that check "Am I a shop" at time of click. The residence itself holds no state of active shop signs (hard to maintain that, a shop sign can be destroyed in so many ways)

    We do have process now that moderators put in Senior Staff tickets to remove invalid tags, and we have pending changes to go out soon that allows moderators themselves to remove the tags (Just need to add some logging of this action)

    So, /report away and we will get them removed.
  7. AWESOME! I just had this problem not an hour ago
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  8. Leave my shop alone Gawa, I know it's understocked!
  9. yeah i stopped telling people about that run down super market like three weeks ago :p
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  10. the only issue is if you are jumping around and you find more than one res with no mall.... you can only report it once every hour...
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  11. Posting due to some reports we've received today, which were brought on by this.

    We have no problem with removing +shop and +mall tags of residences that do not have a shop at the time.
    However, we will not be differentiating between shop and mall. If the player is selling anything with a sign on their residence, the tags will not be removed.

    Please make sure that you are not reporting players that have signs present, even if you think they may not qualify for 'mall' status.
  12. I like the idea of keeping /v +shop a reliable tag to use when you go to shop. I agree, it is all too common to see +shop used to bring you to what seems like just any other residence or a residence with a small shop that is tucked out of the way. It's a lot to keep track of and there isn't really much I can think of to solve it with other than using moderation staff to look at every shop, though.
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  13. another idea to this topic:

    how about a /v #shop

    a hashtag (or something else) for special restricted tags (shop, casino, woolfarm, stonefarm, whatever...), that need to be renewed by the owner every 30 days or so. if it's not renewed, that special tag is gone.

    * would avoid landing in shops of inactive players with nothing in stock
    * people who are going to build a mall, but loose interest, won't renew the tags either
    * no staff needs to be involved
    * can't think of any right now, tell me if you find one
  14. Interesting idea. One con would be that people may get annoyed that they have to refresh the tag, they may even forget to.
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  15. Maybe special tags could be part of /res settings. Where +shop +mall can be added/refreshed in there.
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  16. So all tags shown in /res and you can just click on it to add it again when it expires? Though of course that doesn't stop the fact that the person would have to refresh the tag themselves (just saying it's a con, not a reason not to do it necessarily).
  17. Perhaps it could automatically renew when the owner creates a chest-shop sign.
    Perhaps it could generate a warning "tag expiring in x days" when under 7 days.
    I think up to around 60 days is acceptable as well.
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  18. i've just read this thread for the first time and thought about what annoys me the most currently?

    maybe another idea: if no one interacted wih tht shop in the past XY days, the tag is gone. though, as i understand Aikar's post, that would be no option as shop-signs are not directly bound to Residences
  19. Even if nobody interacted with the shop, it's still a shop, and as you just said, they're not bound so that wouldn't really work anyway.
  20. It should just give a bold message upon sign-in that the player needs to refresh their tags when it's within a week of renewal time