Debate/Argue Thread

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  1. Debate and Argue to your hearta content here!

    Basic guidelines everyone should have and know:

    Do not get too emotionally wrapped up in the debates, thia thread is for people who like arguing their opinions with others.

    Keep these debates clean and safe for all EMC to look at.

    Starting rumors, and flame wars on this thread can and will still be punished. Even though its a debate thread.

    Enjoy. :)
    A word of the wise: Think before you debate.
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  2. I borrowed the idea, it's not stealing :p
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  4. In what application is vanilla better?
  5. In what application is chocolate better?
  6. Red velvet with creamcheese icing is better than all.
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  7. You know its the year 2013 right, they come out with a solution for that along time ago. Its called a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake!! BANG BANG!! :D
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  8. Chocolate cake and vanilla cake are both delicious cakes, we can't deny that.
    If only take into consideration the flavor of the cake, we will head into an infinite discussion about personal tastes.
    So why not talk about another aspect of chocolate/vanilla? Maybe the... Health related aspects :cool:
    It has been proved that eating chocolate makes your body release a thing called serotonin in the brain, which is associated with the feeling of pleasure.
    Now you might be thinking: 'Oh well that proves chocolate is way better, right?'
    Vanilla releases serotonin just like chocolate, and it has a lot more benefits to our body, such as:
    Skin caring
    Reducing fever
    Helping you relax
    Due to the sedative capabilities it helps calming the stomach in a possible inflammation
    And much more.

    Anyways, vanilla is better than chocolate! >:U
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  9. We all know that one flavor of that cake is worth than the other though.

    @Mathues (cuz your post, I didn't feel like snipping it.) Agreed
  10. I know, but an argument started, we decided to stop it, I mentioned it would be fun to have a debate thread, redwing mentioned how much he wanted to debate, 5 minutes later, this spawned.
  11. And since we have found that my statement was correct, next arguement!

    What's better, faster or slower?
  12. Faster is better sometimes. If you want to win a race (turtose and the hare is an analogy, the hare would totally have won), or accomplish some task. However, one thing that many 1st world cultures have forgotten, especially in places like the USA, is that not everything is a race. Our lives move a mile a minute, with the Internet, 60mph roads, etc., and we can't stand it if a webpage takes more than 10 seconds to load. And yet, taking time to just slow down, think thoughts, read a good book, hang out with your family, or just do nothing, is very valuable. So I guess what I'm saying is that balance is what is best, and balance can be a very tricky thing to find.
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  13. What "is" vanilla anyways?
  14. As Confucius said, "It does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop."

    Therefore any other argument on the subject is moot.
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  15. Dang It Confucius. Oh and you too Mr.G.

    Next argument, I don't care just argue about unicorns, mustard and bananas or whatever.
  16. I'm team unicorn.

  17. A thread like this just isn't the same without an unrelated poll, so here's one I was asking people last night. Choose one of the following, no criteria:
    Jewel Staite
    Summer Glau
    Christina Hendricks
  18. I'm assuming these people are from before my time, so I'm just going to combine the previous one and have my answer be unicorn.

    Also, I'm not sure if this can really be a real debate thread unless we discuss some more serious issues, things that people have a stake in. However, I'm perfectly fine discussing unicorns and cake XD