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  1. Thank you for reminding me about my original point, sensory perception.
    Still perceiving coin with eyeballs.

    ...I don't have the mental fortitude to continue debating that point though, so I'll leave my white flag up anyway - at least on that particular topic.
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  2. Since we seem to have several topics go on at once, how about Auctions. I have had an auction that I was paid for and ended around the 18th of January and have sent messages to the person, was told they would get their items and yet they're still at my res, the person hasn't been seen in 25 days. What should I do?

    On one hand I have been paid and it's been a while. People tell me (jokingly) to just sell the eggs or whatever.

    I've held onto them since the auction, just moving them around as I need to.

    Should we be given a time frame? Should we be allowed to do what we want after a certain length of time?
  3. Send them a message saying that if they dont pick up the eggs within two weeks from this message, that you will keep the eggs and their money due to them wasting your time:)
  4. See, that's the thing. I thought about doing something like this but I can never get a staff member to reply to the question in any topic and I don't want to pm them, I feel like I PM them too much sometimes. I feel like the only one who's ever had to deal with something like this. With my luck, I send that message and then the Mod comes and punishes me. I don't want to be black listed.
  5. You arent the only one! I share your issue,
    this guy never once picked up a single egg D:
  6. *bestbuy
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  7. Hm. Guess I'll send him a message/talk to a mod. I think maybe there should be a guideline that after so many days you can resell the item. >.<

    Edit: Got in touch with Chickeneer. He says "
    There is no set rule on this, but after 1 month I think it is fair to say that you are not obligated to hold onto their auction stuff still. I doubt they will even remember it if/when they come back"
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  8. Seeing Pandas has had her question answered by Chickeneer, I propose yet another topic of intellectual discussion.

    Which part of an Oreo is better?
    The Cookie or the Creme?
  9. I'd like to argue that you have to have both to get maximum taste. Just eating one or the other alone doesn't really taste as good.
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  10. I agree completely, but you know people these days......
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  11. Creme, because I don't like chocolate. Even if they were the vanilla kind, still cream.
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  12. Ditto.
  13. EDITED FIRST POST. Read it carefully.
  14. But, with sensory perception, that IS how we perceive it. As a species, we and our senses have defined how we see, feel, ear, taste, and touch things. No matter who you are, or where you are from, these things stay the same, as long as someone isn't colorblind, deaf, etc. These perceptions have been defined definitively, so if anyone anywhere sees a coin heads up, they will all know it as heads up. That is absolute.
  15. Ugh. It's 3am, I'm tired, and my brain is not functioning at peak output here. But to this I say "no, that is relative."
    To a person standing in front of the coin, on the same solid ground? Relative to them, yes. It is "heads up." You may think it's irrelevant but to a person on the other side of the world? That coin is facing them, and to them it would be tails. The coin's position is relative to the observer, not absolute. I know it must seem like I'm arguing some ridiculous semantics here, but the core principle remains intact, even if I wasn't smart enough to defend it the first time - nothing is truly absolute. Just relative to something else.
  16. ----I completely agree with the -duck stuff- things, but I think that the whole 'you are getting money!' argument only helps some people. Others might be upset that they are indeed getting money for their work, but other people are getting money as well, for what? Here's a scenario.

    A goes out and mines 10 diamonds
    A sells 10 diamonds for 100r at his shop
    B likes to resell, he buys 10 diamonds for 100r and sells them to C for 120r
    C buys them for 120r, but then D comes and buys them for 150r
    Total profits:

    -----So from a 'money' standpoint, some people might be happy with the 100r profit for their work. They mined the diamonds and sold them for that price. That's more what I think, I'm just giving another side. On the other hand, some people (A) might be upset that B and C are making 20% and 30% of the rupees that A could have earned. People that have a store for help (because if A wanted rupees they would match their prices with C) will much rather have people like D (the final consumer [or user] of the diamonds) purchase the diamonds so not only can D can get the diamonds cheap and easy, but other people are not stepping in. That doesn't seem like too much though, does it? Put that at normal diamond price. Multiply everything by 5, and lets say it was a stack of diamonds being sold.

    Total profits:

    That's a total of 1600r that A could have been getting. Out of the pool of rupees that A might have earned from a potential buyer, they're only getting 75%. The other people? Obviously 25%, and what did they do, click a shop sign?

    Most of the time in reselling, not much effort is put in by people B or C, however player A had to go mine all of those diamonds. Once again, I really don't think reselling is that bad, but I just thought I would add a side to the other debate