Congratulations to MoreMoople, Our newly mintified staff member!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by chickeneer, Nov 11, 2022.

  1. Congratz lil frog!! I was pretty sure it was gonna happen just wasn't sure when. You were the best choice for the job and I'm so happy for you. <3
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  2. Congratulations Moople, well deserved
  3. I give it a week before one of her residences is a *literal* swamp.
  4. One of my residences is already a swamp. Sort of. More terraforming needed! ;)
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  5. Congrats Moops!

    I expect some amazing things to come. :)
  6. Lovely you're finally being acknowledged for your wholehearted selflessness. Hope you maintain the right balance between all of your many commitments, and thank you for all you do for this community :)
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  7. Congrats Moople! Surprised this didn't happen sooner
  8. Congrats Moople!!...I see many more fire events and maybe even some Enraged Frogs coming our way. :D
  9. Congratzs moople 😊
  10. Aaaaah! Moops magically manages to maneuver more "Moople" among miraculous masters (aka SS)! Congratulations, you're now officially promoted to MegaMoop (and are awarded the place of favoritest staff member)! May many magnificent memories manifest in the moments that will be coming!
  11. Congratulations Moople! :)
  12. does dis spasial ting mean we get spesial more moople heads
  13. Overdue indeed; I had to consider for a bit whether MoreMoople wasn't already staff. :p

    Thank you for stepping up! :)
  14. Saw this and had to hop on and say grats! Great staff member, but an even better human being......ermmm frog <3
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  15. Congratulations Moople! Is it bad that I thought you were senior staff even before this!? ;)
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  16. Nice to see you visit us! ^^
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  17. Very well deserved. Congrats Moops!
  18. Congrats Moople! Well deserved.