Congratulations to MoreMoople, Our newly mintified staff member!

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  1. Congrats to our froggy MoreMoople!

    This evening Moople has joined the Senior Staff team for EMC. MoreMoople has been a great benefit to the EMC community in her countless roles on EMC. Everything from being the contribution team leader, developer, build team member, event hoster, and so much more. This is long overdue and we are glad to have Moople on the team.

    Now let's give her a warm welcome to the team. And await what future announcements will be coming in the coming weeks! ;)

    Edit: Note that moople will be added to pmss links when she is fully trained up on that stuff.
  2. YAY! congrats Moople!
  3. WOOT WOOT! Awesome, congratulations Moops! <3
  4. I'm so happy for you Moople! You really deserve it!! ^^
  5. Very well deserved! Congrats on the minty freshness, Moops!

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    For the record
    Just wanted to add the funny staff moments post, but ended up adding the rest.

    the track record shows, Moople’s proactiveness during the years and always having an impact on many members of the community from making them art to always replying with helpful responses, and now you will rule the Froggy kingdom from your minty seat. Can’t wait for when you turn all horses on a smp into froggies one day, looking forward to it 🐸

    Congrats and best of luck with your new position :)
  8. Congrats! Well deserved!
  9. EMC is heading towards a very exciting direction.
  10. Congratulations and thank you Moople for everything you do for us on EMC.
  11. Thank you, everyone! I'm super excited to take on this new role and turn an SMP into frogs help out more behind the scenes. I look forward to the future of EMC. :)
  12. It's well deserved, WAY overdue and setting our lovely server back on the right track! Congratulations, and thanks for all you've done for us so far!
  13. This is wonderful news!!!! <3 <3 Def a great addition to SS. :)
  14. Congrats MintyMoople!

    ... there goes the neighborhood,... new reses will all be swamps.