[Buying] The Following Rares and Promo's!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am looking for the following Rares and Promos, If you have any and are willing to sell or trade, Please PM me on the forums or In-game and we can talk.

    These items are for my new Museum on smp6 in front of spawn (6 Res Museum).

    The items I have on loan, I am still looking for to buy. Also, I dont care if I cant get the items, as I have replica's of the items as is.

    If you have any heads to sell, Please Click Here.

    Empire Contest and Award prizes

    Special Events Items

    Special Mob Drops


    List Updated 2016-08-06

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  2. i have a marlix helmet give me the price you may buy it at.
  3. Mailed you marlix's boots and helmet. I had extras.
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  4. Hey finch would you be interested in my emc games diamond medal?
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  5. I might be able to LOAN you a diamond sopporter gift, I know tha tread sais that you're buying it, but it sais [on loan] by many items aswell :)
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  6. I have a iron voucher? PM me for negotiations :p
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  7. Yes please, would it be on loan or are you selling it, coz I would want a loan for something that much for now, if you get what I mean.

    Yes loans are fine.

    But for players loaning, keep in mind that I still have a few months of building still. So you can hold off and loan when I am done or loan and it will sit in museum storage until it's done...

    I will send a pm when I get home from work. on my cell at 6am right now lol
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  8. I can loan you a momentus's helmet, if you wish.
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  9. I'm really sorry, but I discussed with the co-owner and he said he wouldn't like it to loan it, so, loan canseled.
  10. That is fine, As i said, The museum wont be done for several months, so if you change your mind, let me know, :)
  11. I sell momentuses helmets, but probably for more than you're willing to buy for. (Since I'm taking advantage of the current supply/demand of the item. Since it's in such high demand for PvP)
  12. I might sell or loan you a Diamond Voucher :)
  13. i have a giant helm if u pay enough mabe