[Buying] The Following Staff and Team Heads!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am looking for the following Staff and Team Heads. These heads will be in my museum storage until I finish my Museum located at 12004 in-front of spawn. The Museum spans across 6 reses, and there will be an official thread once the museum is finished being built, and I start working on adding the items. Ones not on the list I already have... I know there are some heads that I am unable to obtain, but I am willing to buy Replica's of the heads.

    Retired Admin

    • GameKribJEREMY/IcecreamCow
    • JustinGuy - (Replica)
    Senior Staff

    • The_Boulder

    • AlexC__
    • Amadai
    • AnonReturns
    • Aphaea
    • Baradar67
    • carolmoss
    • Dreacon78
    • DWmom
    • ElfinPineapple
    • FDNY21
    • iamcavie
    • JDHallows
    • Melk73
    • NickkG
    • weeh
    • Zion_Moyer
    Retired Moderator

    • 5weety
    • Ahzrael
    • AndrewBuchinger
    • AusQB
    • barks87
    • bloodra1n
    • bob23646
    • Crazy1080
    • d1223m
    • Dark_Liz
    • Dark_Nidus
    • EdmundWayne
    • FaustLauncher
    • GameKribJim
    • Grimmy
    • hatorijr
    • HighLancer54
    • iSmooch
    • JNightwind
    • Live2DieSlowly
    • Malicaii12
    • margaritte
    • MauryPoppins
    • MileHi
    • Myeno
    • NinjaBroccoli_
    • NurseKillJoy
    • NZScruffy
    • PirateofDW
    • Radio_Ed1t
    • roja22
    • shavingfoam
    • slozon
    • superdog93
    • The_Drifter92
    • Tikiman678
    • Torian42
    • Tucker_T
    • Twitch1
    • xXvexenXx

    • BreezyMan
    • MrSocks75
    Contrib Team

    • AlexC__
    • FDNY21
    • Kephras
    • kevdudeman
    • poofasaurus
    • Qkazooo
    • RainbowChin
    • ShelLuser
    • Soulpunisher
    Retired Contrib Team

    • _Stads_
    • bemvino87
    • DaJaKoe
    • EMCElijah
    • Hashhog
    • JakeMC17
    • mba2012
    • nfell2009
    • Olaf_C
    • PenguinDJ
    • StoneSky
    Stream Team

    • JackBiggin
    • PeculiarPotato
    • AlexC__
    Retired Stream Team

    • legokeeper2975
    • pascal1881
    • samsimx
    • AlexC__
    Build Team

    • 820327
    • AlexC__
    • Kephras
    • Melk73
    • MrSocks75
    • Roslyn
    Retired Build Team

    • A_Dolphin
    • Arcaniax
    • Computrix
    • Eclipsys
    List Updated 2016-08-06

    For a List of all the Rare's and Custom Heads like the PvP, visit Here.

    Please PM me on the forums or in-game if have one and looking to sell.

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  2. I have an Hx head I can sell you!
  3. I've tried getting a FDNY head for ages before he was staff. He controls the amount on the market. I doubt he will sell a single one of his heads for less than a million. But good luck!
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  4. I believe chickeneer will trade his head for yours, if you ask nicely! :)
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  5. No less than a million? I paid 50k for one the other day :p

    His heads are for sale for 250k at his museum now
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  6. Confirmed. He was on yesterday doing so.
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  7. Darn fdny lol we chatted the other day like this and he told me about selling it at the museum and he wa thinking a mil lol.
  8. I know JackBiggin's head only costs 10K

    Edit: Also Anon only gives her head out to family and friends, and they are strictly told not to sell it.
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  9. I have some I could loan you when the museum opens. Want me to send you a list?
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  10. Sure, but it wont be open for several months still, lol, if that is fine with you, :)
  11. That works, will send the list in a few
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  12. You were very lucky to get one for that cheap as there really aren't many of them about :p

    But yes, I can confirm that I'm now selling them for 250k in my 18200 Summer Sale. Not sure if they'll go up in price after the sale or not. The sooner you buy the better :D
  13. :p Im sorry I am like nony, I only give them out to friends.

    Good luck getting simons head btw,Satan never has his head drop on:confused:
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  14. I tried talking to Jeremy several months ago when I was doing some work for him to get a trio of heads, GameKrib, ICC and Glorious.. but I think he doesn't play minecraft all of that much anymore. :oops: ..also, many of these stopped playing before heads unfortunately, so they are unlikely to exist in game, and you seem to have copies of all of the heads that I do have.. :p
  15. well, as i stated I will also buy Replica's of the players who left before heads came out, :p
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