Purple Krysyyjane Head

Jan 27, 2017
Purple Krysyyjane Head
  • Purple Krysyyjane Head

    Type: Misc
    Released: July 17th, 2014
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: Dropped by Krysyy during drop party
    Lore: Purple People Party 7/17/14
    The Purple Krysyyjane Head was distributed to the public by Krysyy during a drop party that celebrated the achievement of reaching 80,000 registered forum members. The party was called the Purple People Party, and it took place on July 17th, 2014. This head is actually the head of PurpleKrysyy, one of Krysyy's alternate accounts. The lore for this item simply gives the details of when and why this item was dropped. There are ten (10) of these Heads in existence from this event.

    The PurpleKrysyy account does have standard Heads in circulation that read the alternate account's name. This custom item is not to be confused with the standard version.

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