Blizz is Back! - 12/4/16

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  1. Krysyy and Aikar were out tracking down a rogue Momentus that had escaped the tutorial world when Krysyy suddenly felt a pack of snow hit her back.

    "Hey, what did you do that for?" she accused Aikar.

    "What are you talking about? Did you find the tracks?" he asked, looking back at her confused.

    Krysyy decided that since Aikar was going to pretend like he didn’t do anything, that she’d teach him not to mess with her. She may have grown up in Texas, but she knew the basics of a snowball fight. “Oh, so you’re going to play coy is it? Okay then,” she mumbled under her breath as she began to form a snowball in her fist, while pretending to look for Momentus tracks. She gathered the cold fresh snow in her hands and hurled it at her target. Snow exploded over Aikar’s back and Krysyy jumped for joy at her success.

    Aikar turned to look around and noticed Krysyy celebrating. Annoyed by the cold snow seeping in through his t-shirt he shouted, “Why did you just chunk snow at me? We’re supposed to be working, not playing!”

    “You started it,” Krysyy exclaimed.

    “Did not,” Aikar refuted.

    “Did to.”

    “Did not.”

    Thwack! Snow pelted both Krysyy and Aikar’s faces at the same time. A slow understanding dawned on them as they turned simultaneously to see their attacker. Standing 30 blocks away, behind a small snow embankment, was a snowman holding a shiny snowball.

    “Surprised to see me?” the snowman asked in response to the looks of shock on the admins’ faces.

    Aikar looked bewildered as he stumbled over his words. “How are you - We didn’t think we’d be seeing you this year. I thought I had written you out of the code - This doesn’t make any sense.”

    “You thought that a little lack of code would stop me? Blizz is back and ready for his revenge!” the snow man bellowed as he started moving in closer.

    “Krysyy,” Aikar whispered worriedly, “we need to find shelter NOW.”

    “Way ahead of you man,” Krysyy responded. “Look at that ice wall up ahead. That should do it.”

    Running as fast as they could, Krysyy and Aikar dodged the hailstorm of snowballs being hurled in their direction and found shelter behind an abandoned ice fort. Once they arrived, they set up defensive measures and started a stockpile of snowballs for their own throwing use. Blizz Ard kept coming at them with full force, but they held him off...until now.

    Aikar has depleted his stock of 5 hour energy drinks and Krysyy feels like her arm is going to fall off. The time has come for you to join the fight. Blizz Ard is back and he is looking for his revenge. Taking him down won’t be easy, but we have faith that you will emerge victorious. Good luck!

    Check out the wiki for more information on Blizz Ard:

    This event will run for the rest of the year.

    Avalauncher's are also back for purchase with /tbuy avalauncher

    1.11 News
    We are hard at work on 1.11, so nothing else besides enabling Blizz and fixing a bug is in this release.

    We are trying hard to make it 2016 for 1.11! Follow my live stream to watch me work on it live!
  2. Already? :confused: Hype! \o/

    [EDIT] Two events in a row that are early. I am so not ready for this. :p
  3. Oooh, let the fun begin :D
  4. Once again! Woo hoo! Time to gear up. Thanks team!
  5. Sweet, spent all my tokens!
  6. *shakes fist* BLIZZ!! D=<
  7. Bring it on blizz! I'm ready for you this year.
  8. Nice story! And I'm very happy to see Blizz back as well, it was getting a bit lonely now that the Turkeys no longer spawn and I, uhm, may have been plucking quite a bit of them. Guess I got no other choice but to go online now :D
  9. Killed one. OK, seems like a tougher Blizz this year. Bring some good armor or lots of food. Good luck, all!
  10. Not sure if this is a bug or me being stupid, but I killed one and it said it dropped its eye, but I couldn't find it. Searched the area, tried relogging, no luck. Anyone else or just me?
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  11. Well, at least I've got full voters armour this year.. as of today, anyway.

    EDIT: Front page?

    SECOND EDIT: Yay, front page!
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  12. You forgot this...

    (edit: he added it :))

  13. More avalaunchers! :D
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  14. Not you at all. Super Turkey's did this as well. The items sometimes spill out everywhere.
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  15. Oh how very appropriate! Just getting a snow storm tonight... now I can follow it up with a blizzard tomorrow. :)

    Got my slicer... caught a turkey live... now if only soneone can tell me how to catch a blizzard...
  16. Rap music judging by the above image :D
  17. Are holiday chests back as well then?

    Love the month long event. Might have to pop on. Just a shame that my outpost spawn area is constructed over a desert and these won't spawn there :p
  18. Blizz froze my feathers last year when he was hurling snowballs at me flying through the sky :( This year will be payback!
  19. Fixed it for ya Aikar ;)

    This is awesome! Looking forward to killing those blizz!