Blizz Ard Returns! 12/16/19

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  1. Blizz Ard Returns
    Blizz has returned to the Empire to keep things chill.

    Blizz Ard is a special event mob like the Super Turkey, which will randomly spawn in the Wastelands and Frontier.

    He has some special drops, which will let you spawn snowmen in town, as well as his famed Avalauncher.

    You can buy the Avalauncher with /tbuy avalauncher for 10,000 tokens.

    This is an infinite snowball!

    Holiday Chests Re-Appear
    Blizz Ard's magic also brought a few other surprises to the Empire from previous years. You might find one of his Holiday Chests hanging around the wild with lots of goodies to spare. If you are close enough, some of the residual magic might even give you a hint of where to find it...
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  2. Better late than never for the annual return of the Blizz!!
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  3. Here we go again! 🥵 Fought one the other night as a matter of fact. Rip my armor durability.
  4. Well, I guess being pelted by snowballs while mining is cool. >:3
  5. Oh no, it's the yearly time of spawn griefing VIA snow layers :p
  6. I, for one, am totally shocked that EMC would allow this man to rejoin us.

    Last year I was out mining, minding my own business, when this horrible snowman shot me in the back with a snowball, paralysing me from the waist down from the cold, and said “take the L” and hurled more horrendous abuse at me while I was laying on the floor of my mineshaft. I tried to call the staff but he said “What are the staff going to do, unshoot you?” and knocked me out with one swift peck to the face with his carrot nose.

    When I woke up all of my belongings were gone and Blizz Ard was nowhere to be seen. In this image he can be seen wearing my sunglasses that he stole off me on that day, and God knows what more of my belongings he’s got hidden away wherever he stores items.

    I reported this incident to the staff multiple times but never heard anything back. I am shocked and appalled that they have allowed him to return. At least now I can get my revenge and murder him.
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  7. I like how the preview of the post on the homepage only shows the first two sentences and the picture. :D

    I must also say that I can definitely understand Soul's fear. "to keep things chill" was interpreted by me as keeping things chill for himself.... by "chilling" us poor visitors. Blizz, I sure fancy a snow ball fight, but it doesn't have to become this intense...
  8. Welcome back Mr Blizz Ard we missed you and how you torment us with snowballs of pain lol
  9. I don't know if it's just me, but this always comes to mind this time of year when I expect Mr. Blizz and waves of snowballs. If you don't know what this is, check out Christmas with the villagers - By Element Animation. Good stuff! :p
  10. * Laughs in Voter armour * :D
  11. I agree - I need to get back to town for some time with Ricardo . . . :cool:
  12. One mean snowman, gotta love em!:D
  13. Ooo I had fun with the super turkeys... might have to keep my hunting gear on!

    Come and visit any day ;)
    (Context - Ricardo is a hot-tub (well... lava tub :p ) that was briefly the mascot of SMP6 at one point)
  14. I actually disabled my event mobs today because I don't want the Blizz to spawn at my outpost. I hate shoveling snow...
  15. I far prefer this ingame over irl... 2 inches more this am here.
  16. Me too, however the more snow I have ingame at my outpost the more likely I am to have enraged polar bears spawn. Since they only spawn where snow is.