Arbor Day 2015 - Plant A Tree!

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  1. Hey Empirians!

    A new promo has planted itself with us today, the Arbor Day Promo.
    As you might know, Arbor Day is a time where individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees and the environment, and we want it to be no different here on EMC.
    So, head in game type /promo trees, claim your sapling and start planting :)
  2. Must check out tomorrow. Interesting promo idea.
  3. Cool new promo, but what does it do?
  4. They are regular saplings...
  5. Just you average old sapling, no lore or special uses.
    It's to encourage the message of the day instead of "shiny promos"
  6. Oh, well still a good promo idea even if it is only a sapling
  7. but... arbor day is friday - today is earth day xD
  8. Yep, something I noticed when I was putting the post up, but I was asked to make the post for the promo, so here it is :)
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  9. Cool Promo idea. Happy Earth Day! :D
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  10. Great mine

  11. Planted mine in the frontier, in the spirit of the event. (Hopefully up high enough to be safe for a while ;) )
    Thanks for the promo!
  12. ooh can't wait for "May the 4th" there might be some Jedi Knights promo :p
  13. Sweet a promo dedicated to my state! Nebraska's own American holiday!!
  14. Cool promo, and I really like the thought behind it too. However... Promo's are most often traded and so I figured that today would be just as good a day as any other to start my "promo trading". Better yet: I discovered a secret! Oh yes; this promo is actually reproducible, but don't tell anyone else please :D

    You see; if I chop my promo tree down I get lots of new promo sapplings which I can then replant! So the only logical conclusion is that this promo can actually be recreated. And surely 2500r for such a cool promo is a real bargain :cool:

    Not looking forward to the transportation costs though (/mail) ;)

    Sorry, but I know better than to try and sell a regular tree for 2500r :p Still think it's kind of funny though ;)
  15. Never heard of this day in my life...
    Something as small as this gets recognition, yet a big one for Au,NZ, and UK gets nothing...
    Seems legit
  16. The promo item might not be shiney and spiffy, but the idea to promote Arbor Day is very good! I hope that some of us will go out and plant the real thing this week (I will). Remember, you don't have to be a "tree hugger" to make a difference ;)
  17. I feel like this is a really lazy promo... So many cool things could have been done with the sapling. Either way, another promo to go in my chest of shiny stuff I show off and never use :D

    "what are you doing for arbor day?"

    "arbor day?"

    "you know the tree day..."

    "uh... I'm going to.... well... I will go outside and say hi to the trees I guess."
  18. lol, and happy earth day :p
  19. Hoorah! Unshiny promos!