5 Things that New Players Should do

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  1. This is a project that I've worked on for a few hours... continuously changing what I wanted to write as the 5 things. New players, as many can tell ask questions that may seem very obvious, and many find it annoying when they are asked these. This guide can cover things that you may not be able to answer in-game. Not sure if anyone has made a thread like this before, I was too lazy to look. So here it is.

    1. Start a farm.
    Farms are always a terrific thing to do when you get in-game. They provide food for you when you go into the waste/wild, but they can also provide money. Players can take the items from their farm, and sell them to shops that buy food. More professional players can even be directed to Azoundria's website, where they can find the best buy prices and sell there. But there are more farms than just food. They can make bigger farms, that may provide sugarcane or bulk amounts of pumpkins or melons! Though they may not make that much profit, it's enough to get one started.

    2. Venture into the Waste.
    The waste is a great place for new players. They can go there and gather their own resources, and not have to spend a lot of money there. Simply gather some iron armor, a sword, and some food from your farm (step 1) and you can have a great time in the wild. Start your own strip mine or Go to a public one! (One could be ShelLuser's here.) Gather as many resources as you can, as wood and ores are always in high demand.

    3. Start up a small shop.
    Got a bunch of items now? Great! Start up a shop and sell your items for a price that may be lower than normal prices. Players will come to your shop and buy your items, as long as you make sure that it's presentable and easy to find. If it's in the midst of your plot, and players have to walk miles to get to it... then they may not go to it. Make sure that there is some sort of direct teleport to it, so it's hassle free to get to. You can even register your shop prices on Azoundria's Market, which players often refer to find the cheapest prices.

    4. Head to a Public Utilities Farm.
    There are a few public farms on the Empire, the most well known one being Khixan's PWU. Another one can be my SMP5 Public Farm, but choose whichever one is more convenient for you. At these places, you can get a lot of supplies that may not be easy to find otherwise. Items like gold are good for selling when you have a bulk amount of them... though that may take a long time.

    5. Register for Forums
    If the player hasn't already done so, they can register for the forums! As most already know, you can create auctions to sell your items. They can also create sell threads if they don't have the required amount of items yet. Forums are a great way to earn money, for in-game shops are sometimes hard to find. On forums, anyone can access it in the category.

    Here are five things that new players can do. I hope that this helps some!
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  2. Now, Try and get this to new Players. I find many players dont want to read...
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  3. 6. Not leave
    Almost every new player I see leaves minutes after they join.
  4. Bump ._.
  5. A good intend, but I don't think those rules are well chosen.

    I'd also have liked a Rule Zero(tm), that is:

    0. Remember the tutorial rules.
    Do you remember those questions you had to answer when you first joined EMC? Yeah, those questions with very obvious answers, like "Can I steal ?" - They weren't just there to look pretty. You are supposed to follow them. So try to not forget them after 10 minutes of play.

    ...and also a couple useful ones people unfortunately tend to forget waaaay too often, namely:

    0.b. There's a wiki, you know.
    It explains a lot of things. Yeah, yeah, you have to read them. But you know, if they got written, it was in the hope players wouldn't have to repeat those infos again and again. So if you don't know about something, check the wiki first, and spam public channels only if you didn't find what you needed there.

    0/31. Use communication channels wisely.
    Having a discussion with a single player? Use /tell, or /chat g. Want to talk with people visiting your residence? Use /chat r. It is quite irritating to get the town chat filled with half-conversations (because A talks to be using /tell, but B answers using /chat t). Use the public town channel for public talk, and switch to more private channels for more private talks.

    0-Section IV, Paragraph 11b. Not everybody wants to visit your residence.
    Yeah, your residence is the Next Best Build Since Butter(tm). We understand that. And it is of course normal and expected that you invite people to visit it, make a party, and give a good deal of "OMG! Wunderful!" comments. But in the Name of the Nameless One(tm), stop demanding people to "come to my res". This is quite rude. Invite, advertise, but do not tell people what they must do. This is rude in real life, and this is rude inside a game as well.

    0.0. Don't listen to Lauwenmark.
    'nuff said :).
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