[Event] Let's dig a mine to help (new) EMC players mine!

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  1. Hi gang!

    The tunnel is completed!

    What: We get together and dig one (or more, depending on player amount) easily accessible tunnel(s) which can help (newer) players to gain easier access to the Wastelands and a safe place to mine.
    Why: The Wasteland reset got postponed, and I know there are plenty of players who are having problems with mining. I know the outer regions (1k blocks out) are pretty much untouched, lets give them an easy way to get there.
    When & Where: Saturday, 8th of October, 8pm EMC time on SMP3; but I'll give you a more specific location at a later time. No suspense building, I simply haven't decided yet and need to pick a good spot.

    /waste n, heading south on SMP3.

    The longer version...

    As you probably know EMC is going to skip 1.10 and move directly to 1.11. This also (most likely) means that the Waste reset will be postponed (it already was postponed for 1.10). Now, for us (more die-hard) miners out there this isn't a problem: the size of the Wastelands got heavily expanded when 1.9 came out and I speak from experience when I say to know for a fact that the outer regions on at least 3 servers are pretty much pristine. Totally untouched.

    Thing is... For me it's not much of a problem to reach those but I know of plenty of new(er) players (or maybe a bit less experienced?) who are having problems in the Waste. They somehow always manage to get themselves killed. Surely there's something we can do to help?

    Let's dig a mine!

    When 1.9 came out Aya & me set out in a boat and we crossed an ocean to find some cool lands (literally, it's an ice biome) for mining. We build a small outpost there, found an abandoned mineshaft, then used all the materials we found to make our mining spot a bit easier to access and all was well.

    Then one day Aya commented that it would probably be much easier if she could simply grab her speedy horse and race over there. While I was actually hoping to find more caves to explore. So I simply figured "why not?", grabbed my voters pick and started digging a 3 x 4 tunnel back to the outpost. I also made an easy way to reach the mine from the outpost.

    This all started to get access to more caves and to have an easy & quick way to reach the mining spot using a horse, but I also noticed that plenty of players discovered this area as well and they also started to use it to mine. Some stayed close to the outpost, while others ventured out more deeply inside.

    Now, if I can build an (approx.) 700 - 720 blocks long tunnel in one evening, then surely we should be able to come up with something good as a group? The idea is to dig a long tunnel (at least 3 wide, and 4 heigh) around y15 and light it fully up. We'll also be building an easy way to go down there if something doesn't exist yet.


    Well, I always keep hearing comments about how SMP3 doesn't get as much love from the EMC community so I figured this would be a nice way to turn that around a bit. But if this catches on then maybe we can do something similar for other SMP's as well.

    Let's mine, to help other players mine!
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  2. Ze bump for ze views :)

    I'll (most likely) decide on the actual Waste location tomorrow, Thursday's at most. To some who wondered why I no longer call out the voters but made this a general event: Aya made me do it! :D
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  3. Sounds good planning to try to make it ;)
  4. I'll definitely try to make it. Sounds like It'll be fun and great for new players.
  5. <3 smp3... :D
  6. Smp3 doesn't get enough love, we need more events hosted here and in general more economic activity on SMP3, God knows we don't get enough of that
  7. 1am Saturday? Count me in xD
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  8. BUMP

    6 more hours to go, secret preparations are well underway. Cannot share the exact location yet (uncertain) but this thing is on.

    Let's mine to help 'm mine :D
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  9. Sadly I can't make it. I have a dinner/bonfire with my scout troop tonight. Also Shell did you see that Miners Mania is happening tonight at 9 emc time.
  10. Noticed that, but yeah... Not much I can do there, and well: I have one hour advantage I suppose :p
  11. I'll try to make it. I'm working late tonight, so I may be about an hour late. I'm guessing it will still be going on by that time?
  12. Yeah, I don't think this is done within an hour already :)
  13. Well, that time is unconsiderable for me, but I hope the event will be fun for the people who attend!
  14. Let's mine to mine...

    /waste n, heading south on SMP3.
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  15. We mined a mine!

    We gather together, started digging and before we knew we had made quite a bit of progress.

    We goofed, had fun and we dug out quite a bit. At one point Momentus stopped by, obviously trying to block the mine by stomping on it from the surface, but we would have none of that. We went up, attacked & killed it, some of us jumped into lava and before we knew we continued.

    Right up to the bottom of a ravine....

    Which is also where we ended the tunnel, because this area should provide plenty of access to other caves and tunnel systems which will no doubt contain plenty of ores to dig up.

    SO if you're looking to do some mining but you always end up getting killed by monsters then you might want to give this one a try: /waste n (go south) on SMP3.
  16. Awesome job guys! Too bad I got there late, but the tunnel looks amazing and it's such a nice thing to do for the community!
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  17. This was fun. Thanks for hosting Shel! ;)
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  18. Nice, I was looking forward to reading the report! :)
  19. dang missed it i would of helped if i seen this earlier
  20. I'm seriously considering to repeat this for other SMPs, probably also at a different timing (had a little overlap with miner mania) and maybe some extra side-activities (Runder was really good at that during this one).
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