2016 EMC Survey: How Are We Doing?

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    This year, we're back on Jotform for our yearly survey because they have some awesome features in their recent updates that I'm excited to dive into when it comes to statistics and analytics (and I have a log-in from way back that I never seem to use).

    The community's voice is one of the most useful tools on the Empire. This survey helps to shape the future of EMC, so it's important that you be thorough. Limited view of some answers will be provided to the players at the end of January.

    Please do us a favor and fill out the following to the best of your ability before January 15, 2017.
    An announcement will be running in-game as well.

    To fill it out, click here:
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  2. on a scale of 1 to 1 i give you 1
  3. Thanks cant wait to fill it out.
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  4. I tell myself to fill this out every year, yet so far I haven't actually sat down and answered the questions. :p Time for a change, maybe?

    EDIT: Submitted for the first time in ages :D
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  5. I am not filling that out cause i am terrible with words >_>
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  6. You can give brief responses on the short answer responses. Just do what you can! We expect nothing more
  7. Can we use "EMC User" as the name if we wish to remain unknown?
  8. You just gave yourself away :p

    EDIT: Will fill out later. Too tired tonight.
  9. I gave up on this survey when I found out typing was involved
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  10. It looks so much nicer this year!! I completed it :- )
  11. For the monthly contest thing their is no "none of the above" so I put building :I
  12. I filled it out like every other year. I have nothing bad to say about EMC! Sure it has its flaws but doesnt everything?!
  13. Hmmmm Jot form I wonder why idea from a particular form? Lol
  14. I've submitted my review! :)
  15. Google form doesn't have quite the level of automatic 'click and graph' features. There are some useful analytics we haven't looked at before.
  16. Submited! Just curius, who has acess to read the responses?

    On phone btw, excuse my grammar
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  17. Admins. So Krysyy/Aikar. They may share the results with other staff members, but they will remove the names or other identifying information if/when they do that.
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