1.9 Introduces Flying!

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  2. What is it?

    EDIT: Please note that these look like it acts like gliders, not actual flying wings.
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  3. And that's when Minecraft isn't Minecraft...
  4. Ooh cool :)
  5. Just seems unnecessary. As much as I don't mind some changes, this just seems like a "what else haven't we added that is gonna make the game sell", rather than a way to improve gameplay. We've had broken boats for years now. There are so many elements that can be improved (combat, for example. I like those changes), yet they decide to add more and more random unnecessary things.
  6. I don't like this. Here's a though. Maybe make the compass/map more useful. Fix what needs fixing first.
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  7. It's all a ploy to make their features list for the update longer.
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  8. Well, they are at least finally fixing boats... but probably introducing 300 bugs at same time based on what I know they did to change them.

    But this.... really? Who even asked for this?
  9. They are fixing boats, like Aikar said.

    Personally, I am happy for this. It adds a new way of transportation. I think you are focusing on the uselessness of this.
    • Faster way of travelling
    • Racing
    • Just damn cool to explore
    This also opens up more games to have on your res.
  10. Oh, whoops, I hadn't seen this thread yet :p
    Anyway, I think jeb_ was right when he called this a "dramatic change". Finally, a snapshot that's going to cause uproar again :p
    I have no idea if I like this or not, I have to play the first few snapshots with it before judging. But I'm happy he did this, because the last three weeks of snapshots weren't exactly all too interesting, and I think this is going to freshen things up quite a bit :cool:
  11. Why not just make a new game?
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  12. I personally like the idea of flying without using hacks because people would build sky house, floating mansions and stuff like that. Also digging huge holes might be easier.
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  13. Definitely a valid point, however here are a few downsides of it, both from a player and from a staff member's point of view:
    • Could be a faster way of travelling or could be another "horse update" issue, where fast horses are extremely laggy to use
    • More concerns when building structures, to make sure players can't access secret or restrict areas
    • A lot harder to track flyhackers. I'm not entirely sure how the system works, but I'm almost positive this breaks our current "Kicked for flying" system
    • More bugs, both in the game itself and EMC
    I'm sure it's gonna be somewhat cool to have, but honestly, I see no reason for it to be added. I see this addition as invisibility potions 2.0.
    I do like the fact that it's not craftable, however. Let's just hope it's not as "rare" as saddles.
  14. One thing I can think of that might be fun to do with this is incorporate it into some parkour courses. Like a section where you have to glide off and land on a tiny piece of glass pane. Just one more thing to agonize over lol
  15. Well, We always have the ability to undo/change anything mojang does, so it doesn't affect us too much other than we lose the concept of "Vanilla".

    But mojangs driving this game in such a weird way, its getting harder to define what Vanilla is....

    Just I don't see anything "Gamebreaking" enough about this feature to consider changing it for EMC.... Just consider it rather weird to add and another thing thats going to be full of bugs to fix.
  16. Well, there are some things to keep in mind here...

    First of all: snapshots do not necessarily resemble the end product, a lot of changes don't make it.

    Second, more interesting: there have been lots of talk about legit flying in Minecraft before. This would allegedly already have been introduced with snapshot 14w0x (1.8 snapshots). Yet no legit flying in 1.8 (apart from Creative).

    So I am a little skeptic right now. Not saying that it can't be true; but these stories have surfaced before...

    And this is why I think that Mojang does a poor job when it comes to these snapshots. They don't present us with a clear changelog as to what exactly changed and/or got added. How are you supposed to test for bugs when you don't know what you're looking for? ;)

    EDIT (just thought of something):

    Also note that floating had already been introduced through the levitation buff; something which you get when you're hit by a Shulker. Which makes this news a little bit more suspicious to me...
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  17. If you have a glider, and a Zombie kills you, can it take your glider and become airborn? :eek:
    Minecraft 1.9: Now with Paratrooper zombies!
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  18. Forget zombies: creepers is where the action is at! Then you can actually bomb your enemy bases with "creeper drones" (provided pvp is a thing) :D
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