Where's Aikar?

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  1. Hey everyone. I've posted about this on my profile but wanted to make a more formal thread to ensure more people see it.

    Lately you may of noticed much lower activity levels from me and very little updates.

    This is because my work really kicked in hard this year with a major project, and it has me working nights and weekends on it. It's been a major project and requiring a lot of focus from me, giving me absolutely no time for EMC :(

    I'm pretty much working 16 hours a day on it... getting 5-6 hours of sleep. Everyone should know this picture of me by now....

    I still have a bit to go on this project, and phase 2 & 3 after it - but I'm hoping phase 2+ will not require such dedication in my weekends & evenings.

    I'm lucky I have a great company to work for who supports me running my own thing on side. Other businesses don't want employees to do any other work outside of their job to ensure they get the needed focus from the employee.

    I have to show my team that my MC stuff doesn't detract from my ability to get my work done, so it requires me to prioritize it over most EMC work.

    After things settle down, I have to take care of Taxes.... But after that I will resume back on EMC.

    1) Name Change support. This is major. We need to finish up the changes to let users SAFELY change names.
    2) 1.8 Update. 1.8 Should be pretty stable now.... We will need to look into the real 1.8 update.

    I know I said I was going to get the Games Server up next, but I think with as busy as things are requiring me to take this break from EMC, were going to have to push it back more, as we can't delay 1.8 that long (outside of my day job responsibilities).

    I'm still getting in changes as Chicken sends them to me and doing small adjustments here and there (I gave krysyy and SS a new tool to manage reboots w/o requiring me to do them tonight!), but the "Bulk" work is on hold until I get my day job stuff out of the way, hope everyone can understand, but it pays the bills so I kind of need to keep that job =P
  2. Did anyone else have the urge to say "there's Aikar!" when they read the title?

    Probably not...
  3. hey aikar

    Hope you get situated and your work load gets better soon :) I don't mind staying in 1.7, 1.8 RUINS anti-aliasing for me :( its literally not even an option anymore
  4. Understandable Aikar. There's a great development team here and a great staff overall. You did a phenominal job building the team and while your absence may be noticed and you are missed, EMC is still great whether you're slaving over irl work project or EMC projects. Focus hard and get the job done good and well. EMC will be waiting for the next great thing.

    Hope to see you more active in the near future! :)
  5. Woo! I am glad to hear this news!
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  6. Caffeine overload kills...
  7. Why?

    Remember, Aikar, you're human, care for your body!
  8. As long as bouncy blocks and colored fences are expected in my future, I'm fine =)
    Better late than never
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  9. There may not be technical updates as often, but that doesn't mean there won't be NON-technical ones from me and some of the teams =)
    Stay tuned comrades! We'll get through this =P
  10. Thanks Aikar for Your hard Work, I am going to make a statue of you on one of my residences I hope, Hope
    I Shall Wright a book for the Admin team XD
  11. We always do! :)
  12. This empire, which was built upon the shoulders of many, will not fall with the struggles of one.

    Also, kitties!
  13. The dedication you guys (staff as a whole) have shown is in my opinion extraordinary. Not so much because you guys do cool stuff, but because you guys manage to continue to do so. Its also the risk factor where people will start to take you for granted...

    Alas, I think anyone can understand that work comes first. It has to; as you said yourself; it pays for the bills.

    Now, maybe I'm totally out of place here, but if I see that picture up there then I cannot help comment: I hope you'll also keep your own health in mind here. Nothing wrong with giving work a little bit extra, I know the drill because I've also did 15 - 18 hours working a day, but do keep an eye out for your own health as well. That is also important.

    Trying to compensate for it with extra energy crap (pardon the expression please) and stuff like that might give you that little extra boost you may need at that moment, but it may also come back to haunt you later. Especially when you make a habit out of that.

    As said, it might be completely out of place but... Lets just say that I've seen too many burnouts in my life. And although a job and your income is important, your health and welfare is even more so. So yah, that's what triggered my reaction.

    Having said that; I really hope things work out. Don't overdo it and I'm pretty sure most people will fully understand what's at stake here.

    Take care and hurry back!
  14. i spy an aikar
  15. Eh, considering how much you've done for the Empire in the past, we can forgive you for any disappearances happening as of late.
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  16. Great job Aikar! Also, Good god man! That much 5 hour energy is going to kill you!
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  17. Well, we can't blame Aikar here. His business does not play EMC currently too.

    Do we blame Krysyyjane now?
  18. Difficult. Normally we would or should. From Aikar to Kryssy to mods.

    So now that Aikar is taking a leave of absence...

    Major problem: I like Krysyy waay too much.

    May I suggest Herobrine? We (EMC) are on 1.7, and the 1.8 notes state "removed herobrine". He has to be responsible, couldn't have been cool (hmm, dragon? ok: hot), sweet, krysyy!

    So yah; its Herobrine!
  19. More then understand, as I was there. I used to do 14+ working hours a day, with almost 12 hours of really productive work.
    10 years later, this is just not possible any more.

    The very best advice I remember from those days:

    Less is more!
  20. You should get 5 Hour Energy to sponsor EMC...
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