What's in your name?

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  1. Most of us and the names we use online have some meaning or story behind them. This thread is to share the story behind your online name, I will begin. Most of you know me as Shadow Dcord. The reason I call myself this is for my passion of setting terrible, dangerous and maniacal traps in games, also because of my passion for stealth classes. Dcord comes from my character in an RPG called Earthdawn. When I creating my character I needed a last name, Dcord came to me as a suitable last name for my elven bard. So what's the story behind your name, or is there a story behind it?
  2. The wither is my favorite mob and I like dogs. Thus, WitherDoggie was born.
  3. My name on minecraft used to be Salman_Majid, which is just my first and last name =P so in the quest for something more original I changed it to ESSELEM, which is what it sounds like when you say S-L-M, the root form of my name; Salman.
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  4. My name was originally BlackKnight1021. Most people think its a Monty Python reference, and although I do love them, I got the name from my high school's main color, black, and the mascot, a knight, followed by my birthday, October 21 (deal with the date order, non-Muricans). I later changed it to BurgerKnight because the good people of SMP8 starting calling me BK for short, and then BurgerKing. I wanted to change my name to something fun, and get rid of the numbers, but still be recognizable and still maintain the "knight" part of my name.

    And that's my story.
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  5. Original name: krysyyjane9191
    Krystal is my first name, nickname krissy. Misspelled it when making my first emaila LONG time ago and made the name krysyy instead of kryssy.
    Jane is my middle name
    9/1/91 is my bday

    Now I just go by Krysyy because it's easier =)
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  6. I'm a vivid Unix administrator and I do most of my work on the command line. A command line environment in Unix is often referred to as a shell. You got the Bourne shell, C shell, the Korn shell, etc. And I'm using them :D As such my nick name.
  7. i chose crazy because i would do crazy stuff EX ride my bike down a hill and break and c how close i got to the end before plummeting into the busy street X because i love x man gamer because all i do is play video games
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  8. i chose XX_fire_phoenix ( i think that was it XD) because i love fire and a phoenix seemed like a coo mythological creature because of fire..... then i did PYRO451 because of the book ferinhight 451 which is about a guy that burns down houses that contain books now my current but soon to be changed PYROinaction because i wanted to join a group
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  9. My name is Benjamin, so Ben, and my favorite thing to do is play video games. Some faves are MC, Terraria.
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  10. Playing Minecraft in the demo version I created a nether portal stepped through and died. That was the last thing I did before getting the game for real and so I made this my name. It's now a staple and has been the longest I've ever held a username. :p
  11. The L stands for Luigi, Back in ye old days, When I had a DS and played NSMB, A friend and I would always play the versus mode everyday. I was always Luigi, and I was a boss at that game. The 9001 Is a DBZ joke.
    My other usernames, DoubleCakes9001, Is reference to a friend of mine, DoubleGlasses. Cakes comes from my first Steam username, BCakes9001. I've decided to stick with LBoss9001 from now on. :)
  12. aight so i just picked two random letters that came to mind for the first part (cj). For the numbers, i used the jersey numbers of my top 3 favorite NFL players. (at the time :p )

    Cam Newton - #1
    Deion Sanders - #21
    Tim Tebow - #15

    1-21-12 = 12115

    I thought about changing it to CJ78426 for my current favorite players

    Ben Roethlisberger - #7
    Antonio Brown - #84
    Le'veon Bell - #26

    but i guess ill just keep it :p
  13. My name is Jadzia but Jadzia was taken, so i added an extra 'a'

    My name use to be Jadzia14forever and my favorite number is 14 and i just liked the word forever :rolleyes:
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  14. I like pickles
    The end :cool:
    Oh and my lucky # is 27
  15. I approve of this move :cool:
  16. Rhythmically is a cool word that can double as a usename and wasn't taken.
  17. My pet's name is Lucky. He is green. He is a bird.
  18. Well, supposedly captrix is Latin for huntress along with a couple other words. I thought this was fitting since my favorite thing to do on minecraft is hunt and kill things. And I just changed the C to a K because it looks better in my opinion.
  19. When I first started playing Minecraft (on a friend's account) I liked to build these elaborate traps utilizing mainly lava and cacti. My favorite number is 7. Hence Trapper777.
  20. SoulPunisher comes from an alternate name for the 'Star Dust Breaker' move in Dragon Ball Z, which I watched when I was around four years old and was obsessed with when I was ten (which is when I made my Minecraft account). I vowed for years to change the name when name changing was released, and six years later I'm still here. It's kind of glued to me here :p If I ever leave EMC, I'll change it.

    I go by 'CyanideOnToast' in some other places because I needed something for an account somewhere and I thought that'd be aight.

    I mostly use 'EvilStudMuffin' because I'm evil and say I have in ego (in humour). If I need something shorter, I'll roll with 'Schneetank' because it sounds cool (for anyone wondering, it's the German word for snow combined with tank). For things where my real name is used I'll use 'JMEVDZ' or something because it's a few letters from my name.

    Close friend calls me 'Pretty Princess' on Snapchat and other things, others call me 'Jam Jam' *lookin at nfell2009*.