What's All New On Smp4: Come And See Here! RJ Is Changing The Dynamic

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by R0bbieJo, May 31, 2012.

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  1. I have read all the threads and I see all the talk about EMC getting dull or EMC is getting griefed and I wonder... Are we busy complaining or are we making something happen?

    I saw a need on Smp4 and I am now taking care of it! I am blessed to have this ability because I am here more than some and I have great players at my side to make sure this goes over WELL.... :)

    Here is what is happening THIS WEEK.... some of it even as we speak! ;)

    RJ's Mall will be closed at 8062 as of this weekend. It is time for me to take a new position on our wonderful server. One that gives me more time to help the ENTIRE community and not just the few I have come to call friends.

    With this change has come what I consider to be one of the most epic designs I have seen in a long time! WELCOME to The New MEGA MALL at 9000!

    I have an amazing group of players who have built what I can only call my dream! They have every aspect of all that I have adored in my personal creations and it is filled to the top with BEAUTY as I see it. Waterfalls and gardens. Sandstone and Glass. This Mega Mall is the pillar of RJ's Dream... I am so totally impressed with this creation.

    We will open on Sunday! There will be free give aways and prizes all day long. We will be fully stocked with many many items and our goal is never to be out of stock at all after our first two weeks!

    There will be a FREE access area with all crafting tables, brewing stands, smelting furnaces and enchantment rooms. We will have a Traveler's Pack area where you can buy all your needs to go to the wild on your first day! No more looking around for hours and days for what you need at a price you can afford.

    Whether you want to sell a few items or many stacks, we will have a sell chest to meet your needs.
    Bloodra1n... Pascal1881 and Pietdagamer have made this one of the best in my opinion. This is where my partnership is now and many of our trusted players on Smp4 like Firelor and BobThe Tomato9798 are a huge part of our Staff.

    So what is R0bbie gonna do now that she doesn't have a mall you ask? Well that is a GOOD question!

    I am currently working with my design team and we will be starting the construction of The Smp4 Employment Agency very soon. It will be housed at 8100 (was the lake) and that is where you are all welcome to come and apply for positions to make money AND come and hire our crew to do the jobs you need done.

    Are you tired of hiring someone only to come back to your res griefed?
    Are you sick of paying a worker and they take off with your money and tools?
    Does it make you mad when you wait for days to get the job done only to realize it is not done right?

    THIS is why I am doing this! Come let us find you good help. We can get your tasks completed by people who are TRUSTED.
    After all, I can SEE how well they do better than anyone else can :)
    I am also fully informed of the GOOD players. :)
    So this works well for all sides. No more giving flags to the wrong people!

    I am also starting up RJ's Mining Company. The headquarters and the bridge are being built as we speak. We will hire you for little and large mining projects. You can sell your goods right out at the mining camp. You don't even have to be the one to bring it back to town if you don't want too! ;) Simply let one of the mining staff handle it for you!

    We are going to make Smp4 a server to be proud of! We are saying NO MORE to griefers and jerks tearing up our community.
    We as a community can and will put a stop to this nonsense in town!

    We Are Hiring!
    You will see signs and instructions very soon!
    Leave a message HERE if you want to be a part.
    I will NOT talk to you about this in game! I simply do not have time right now. We are busy busy bees...

    Here Is To Taking Back Smp4! Next Step.... ALL OF EMC!
  2. I want to be part!
  3. This makes me wish that I lived on smp4. I think this is a great Idea btw!!!
  4. I will be a part of this RObbie, seems to me like a great reason to get back onto EMC.
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  5. YES IT IS... no more being dull and nothing to do! We have MORE Than Enough To Do On Smp4!!! :)
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  6. Nice, glad to see some new life being brought into EMC again, been awhile.
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  7. So by really soon you meant really REALLY soon... lol
    I would love to be a part of this and help out with anything you need.
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  8. smp4 FTW. I also live in smp4. There are so many mega malls in smp4 . 8015, 8017, 9000 and now I'm building my own megamall at 9278
  9. I can't wait till you get the the Employment agency done will definetly want to do some work.
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  10. Tomato Juice approved! *insidejoke*
  11. So... much... WIN!!! I totally want to be part of this
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  12. Very cool! Now only if something like this was happening on SMP1... :p
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  13. Our Goal is EVERY Server! Let us get this one going well first... :)
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  14. How can I help I want to be a part of this ;)

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  15. currently the mining company is growing have had a total of 15+ players sighn up and have helped out a lot on the project that has been starting wether your looking for a long term job or a shart term one this by far one of the best things to have started on mp4
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  16. SMP4 FTW !!
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  17. Time for me to build the biggest mall on EMC yet again? xD

    Good work :)
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  18. I've always wanted to be apart of something like this and now's the chance. I'm in.
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  19. I am SOOO excited! We were so swamped with help last night I was up till 3am TRYING to get it organized.... Have you EVER tired to herd a crew of kids who all have their OWN MOUSE and can leave and do whatever they want whether you are telling them no or not... WE HAVE..... lol
    It was a disorganized dysfunctional mess with the mining part but in less than 3 hours we look like a business out there! YES we are leveling that entire island to sea level.... NO you cannot plug up the lakes! lol

    Here is what I want to say as a reference to some of the questions and confusions we encountered:

    1. This is RJ's Mining Company. It is run by me, handled by my Generals, and done according to our game plan. We have put LOTS of time and thought and planning into this. It's VERY simple... Do it our way or you have 3 other outposts and lots of places to do it yours! Enough Said :)

    2. Please Bring Your Tools and Armor.
    While we do have food and resources if you run out, we are paying you to do a job. Please come prepared. There will soon be a way to pay for tools VERY cheaply out there once we get all set up. We JUST started.

    3. You are NOT ALLOWED to go running all over the place and doing whatever you want in our caves and mines. I am putting signs up everywhere. Firelor and BobTheTomato0798 Are there to instruct you. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY:
    If I catch you taking resources and tools or destroying our mines with my area CLEARLY marked.... IT IS GRIEFING and you will be banned..... Any Questions.
    There is an entire map if you want to do it your way.

    4. I have not only chosen what ores and resources I am paying you for, but my Generals have the ok to buy your others as well. You MUST see them and clear anything that leaves the mine on your person. ALL mining companies all over the world do this. It's to prevent THEFT.
    You WILL NOT have a locked chest without one of our names on it with you! PERIOD

    Now for the MONEY talk:

    We pay per stack for all you mine. Some pays more and others pay less. We are also giving bonuses based on your speed and production. :) Several got paid more last night. Check your rupees. :) This will grow as we all grow. We WANT you to make good money! That is why we are doing this. :)
    As the Mega Mall at 9000 grows, my mining company grows. As it grows your paychecks grow. This is a WIN WIN.... But we have to do it MY WAY... That is why it is my idea...lol

    I look forward to promoting more players soon! Please Come Show Me What You Are Made Of! I Am Watching :)
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  20. I will be applying to mine later today! Lets do this the RJ way!
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