What TV Shows Have You Been Watching During Quarantine? :0

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What Platform On Which You Can Watch TV Shows Have You Been Watching The Most?

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Netflix 15 vote(s) 62.5%
Hulu 3 vote(s) 12.5%
Disney+ 4 vote(s) 16.7%
Others (List Below) 2 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. Hello All! <3 I was recently watching Disney+ (And I still am >:)) and I wondered what people have been watching on Disney+ (And others) Yet some people might not watch Disney+ I'm still curious on what people watch if they DO watch it. So,

    What do YOU watch on Disney+? (Or you can say what you've been watching on Netflix, Etc.


    P.S. Stay Safe! <3333
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  2. I have only been watching youtube, as that simply is enough for me. I will, however, present some of the youtubers I have been binging, as I think their work is worthy of "television status" Of the first two, I lirataly rewatched all the videos from the past few years:

    Contrapoints / Natelie Wynn: (Warning: swearing, like, a lot of it)

    Philosophy Tube / Oliver Thorn:

    And, because I 1) just like her youtube videos and 2) because I really like the nuance of the title:
    "Last Week Tonight Has Severe Journalistic Implications That I Feel Are Dangerous To Public Discourse"

    I hope I succeded in answering the question, even though I technically didn't :p
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  3. Well, we can count YouTube ;)
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  4. I'm in the middle of Breaking Bad, and I just finished an anime called Assassination Classroom. 8/10 would recommend

    (Also, quick plug, bully 8comimi if you need anime recommendations)
  5. Just watched the anime "Usagi Drop"- it is a nice slice of life anime about a mid-30s aged man taking in a child. Would recommend if you like that kind of stuff. Watched "Terror in Resonance" about a terrorist attack in Tokyo, Japan and the story behind the two teenage terrorists. It was pretty good, I would rate it 9/10 personally.

    Also watched the anime movie "I want to eat your pancreas"- that movie... you know it is gonna be a sad movie by the way it starts so you are able to adjust yourself but then you realize that the end was like a complete 180 and you weren't prepared at all.

    Currently watching the anime "Little Witch Academia" on Netflix, and also watching "The Heroic Legend of Arslan" on Hulu. About 10 episodes in on the one on Netflix, only 1 episode in on the other.

    Lets just say I have over 100 anime on my plan to watch list so... :cool:
  6. Its a cool movie which you might of known of. Its money heist i like it even though its rated r and its super addictive. Its a spanish movie but sits translated into english!
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  7. :eek: lots of anime >:)
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  8. Oh wow, seems quite interesting :)
  9. Interesting xD (I'm going to be saying interesting a lot :p)
  10. None! I have been watching YouTube, but less than usual, as I am with family now, and it's not very social to watch videos during communal meals. :p
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  11. Lately I've also been watching a lot of youtube, catching up on my watch later playlist, but I did just start watching Community on Netflix and I'm in love with it
    The show has the attention span of a chicken nugget and it's perfect for me
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  12. I've been watching more YouTube then Netflix, Hulu, etc.
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  13. hehe, chicken nugget :)
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  14. The Office unless a new episode of Roswell, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or Charmed is on.
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  15. hehe, the office :rolleyes:
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  16. I finished rewatching Breaking Bad the other night. I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s still my favourite TV show of all time, and I still love the ending... unlike a certain other TV show about a certain throne that had an ending so bad that I will never ever watch it again.

    Started Too Hot To Handle because I like Love Island and it looked similar. I got 3 episodes in before deciding it wasn’t worth my time. Love Island is very aware that it’s a crappy reality TV show and embraces that fact and makes fun of itself, so I end up laughing along with the show rather than at it. THTH is like someone looked at Love Island, didn’t understand why it was popular, and recreated it but removed all of its charm.

    Gonna start The Last Kingdom tonight. I watched it when it first started airing a few years ago but didn’t get into it. Gonna give it another go because my mum recommended it and screw it I've got nothing else to do. I love that era of history so who knows, I might like it now.

    If not I’ll just rewatch The Witcher. Again.
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  17. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead
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  18. I've been watching quite a bit of YouTube. I've recently watched a few of ContraPoints' old videos (ones she's taken down, they really help with dysphoria), some Tom Scott, Xidnaf, Wendover Productions, Adam Ragusea, CGP Grey, uhhh... there are certainly others I'm forgetting. I've not been watching much else though; maybe a show on Hulu or Netflix every once in a while.
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  19. I've been watching all the episodes of American Dad to pass the time, had to put that on hold for a few weeks until my papers and finals are done.
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  20. :eek: the witcher.