What is the weirdest Minecraft feature according to you?

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  1. It's a useful thing to know :)
    It means you can put snow in front of doorways and still get through and other cool things.
  2. The answer is "to prove to the opossum it could be done"

    You may not get the joke since you are not from the US or Central America. Opossums have a unique habit of freezing & "playing dead" when they get scared... NOT a good reaction when a car is racing towards you! Combine that with the fact that they are nocturnal & usually only travel at night. Consequently, they are VERY common road kill.
  3. Another chicken mystery: why do chickens enter cauldrons and why can't they leave?

    This little guy came through the (now barred) window into my cooking pot a couple months ago and never left. Gave him a fitting name :D
  4. They're all hiding in modded MC :p
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  5. Love this idea! I have one stuck in a cauldron too and never thought to cook him. I haven't had the heart to kick him out of it.
  6. Now where have I seen this chicken before... *cough cough Biro's house cough cough in the cough cough outpost cough cough*

    EDIT: My goodness that was a lot of coughs!
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  8. pretty sure it always implodes when the ender dragon(s) dies...
  9. Another weird feature, though I can't help think it's an unfixed bug, is that in 1.9 you always try to eat food, even if you're not hungry. And it's one of the things which annoy me the most on 1.9; when I'm fighting I don't have have time to check my health and food stats so sometimes I simply try to eat to check if I need to eat.

    On 1.8 nothing happens if you try to eat while you're not hungry, in 1.9 your hand goes into a spasm of some sort. So annoying, complete waste of time :p
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  10. Enderman in nether, just creeps me out. (1.10) and bump!
  11. The new 1.9 combat system
  12. It always bothered me how endermen emitted nether portal particles but the nether was the only place where you couldn't find them. I think them spawning in the nether at least makes sense. I wanted to see some more hostile mobs there though, and for the most part endermen are passive like zombie pigmen.
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  13. XD true, be able to have a sword in main and a bow in offhand
  14. Why buckets with liquids can't be stacked.
  15. You stack buckets on top of each other. If they're filled the liquid will spill. Logic.
  16. Now explain bottles and water bottles. :p
  17. Punching trees. tf steve.
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  18. I'll never understand how you are able to hold lava in a bucket with no special gloves or anything
  19. AFK pools defy logic.

    Mob spawners are just weird. It's a little mob spinning in a cage with fire, and then multiple mobs spawn around it...

    Spawn eggs are just weird as well, but not as weird as eggification.

    That you can smelt a block that burns forever (netherrack) into one that doesn't burn at all (netherbrick) seems pretty weird.

    And of course, redstone.
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