What is the weirdest Minecraft feature according to you?

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  1. *Skeletons, Blaze, Guardians, etc. are hurt by the Thorns enchantment for using ranged attacks, except if the defender is a Guardian with spikes unfolded.

    Minecraft 1.9:

    *End stone is harder and sturdier than stone/cobblestone and dragon-proof, but End stone bricks are weaker than raw End Stone: same blast resistance and hardness as sandstone and deleted by the Ender Dragon.
    *The player can't hold a shield upwards or downwards for blocking purposes.
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  2. Food.

    I dont know about you, but I could never eat the actual amount of pumpkin pie I eat in game...


    Lava is 700-1200 degrees Celsius (1292-2192 degrees Fahrenheit) . Just being near it would most likely burn your skin.
  3. Yeah, there's that. Sprinkle it on the ground and it works like a wire, put it on a stick and it becomes an infinite power source :confused:
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  4. Tnt has a less explosion radius than creepers.
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  5. If you break stone, it won't drop unless you used a pickaxe.
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  6. This might happen in real life too, we don't know. No one ever tried breaking a boulder with their fists :p
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  7. Didn't Bruce Lee do that? Reno Williams maybe?
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  8. Wanted to bump this, cause i think we can add more content to this!

    Like this 1.11 change:
    • If a creeper is inflicted with a potion effect, its explosion will cause a lingering effect of the potion.
    Is cool but, weird... In all honesty, the most weird features are the most awesome, liek Quassy Connectivity(or however that is spelled)
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  9. When I saw this, IDK why, but I thought that I did that lol

    Also that is weird. Very possible to take advantage of them by having a ton of em' and blowing up one w/ poison on it, and the poison will spread on explosion (if the creepers have enough HP)
  10. If you name a Vindincator Johnny it will murder everything. Even other hostiles, like what? Jack never killed any of the other crazy people in The Shining.
  11. wasnt that the idea of your club?
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  12. Two bucket of water can be Infinite...

    This one is fixed, but how you used to be able to mine dirt faster with a pick than a shovel... and how you could mine wood slabs faster with a pick than a axe... :p
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  13. I agree. These two features are/were definately weird.
  14. Ender pearls.
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  15. Chicken jockeys.

    I mean, think about it. Your child dies, comes back to life, decides to pursue a life of evil, and does so on the back of a most majestic and worthy steed who also happens to be poultry.
  16. Bats

    I mean, just useless and annoying. Is akward that they added them before llamas, lol
  17. I actually really like bats. They spawn naturally even in chunks that have been loaded before, and they don't drop anything. The only reason for killing them is getting the counter in your statistics up. And I really appreciate that.
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  18. [About bats]

    There's also a reason for not killing them (I think): keeping the amount of mobs a bit in check. There is a maximum amount of mobs which can spawn in an area, and if some slots have been filled in by bats then they won't be available to creepers.

    And I'd rather have bats than creepers to be honest :)
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  19. What I find weird in minecraft, is just how big things are... I mean chickens are a 3ish feet tall, or even rabbits are like 2 feet tall. Or just spiders.... each of their legs would be 2ish feet long, that would be horrifying.