What is the weirdest Minecraft feature according to you?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Tuqueque, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. What is your feature that you think is really odd?
    Tell us!

    • mine is when sheep are bred, they keep the dye colors
  2. Boats. Useless thing lol
  3. Run into cactus=damages player, punch cactus=damages cactus

    Fall from 10 blocks onto dirt, die. Fall from 100 blocks onto one inch of water, no damage.

    Air meter activates when underwater, but not when under lava

    Redstone, and it's infinite mystery
  4. Breaking bedrock with a dark oak tree... one of the few times where paper breaks rock.
  5. another this is that the user always has its had up, wonder id he ever gets exhausted, or at least gets some skill points in that arm!
  6. Poisonous potatoes... What's the point?!??

    Understanding redstone - which lies somewhere between theoretical physics & witchcraft.
  7. Riding pigs.
  8. How much the player can hold / how strong he or she is. I'll not get into the math here. :p
  9. Then I must.. xD
    EDIT: If having an inventory full of diamond blocks (cubic yard each), the player still manages to swim up waterfalls while holding 4,530,816 pounds of diamond (2,265.408 tons). That would take 4 of the worlds largest cargo plane (Antonov-An225) to transport. All this without even leaving footprints in sand.
  10. I can run at full speed carrying 2,304 iron blocks, enough to build a wall around a 60x60 res nearly 10 blocks high, yet I can't manage to carry more then 36 water bottles or potions :confused:
  11. Some of the crafting recipes seem pretty odd to me. Using a cubic meter of Stone to craft a Button, is probably the most extreme.
  12. Cocoa beans, bucket of milk. No chocolate milk!?
  13. I'm surprised nobody had Mooshrooms yet.

    They're cute, my favourite peaceful mob, make up my army on SMP5 and everything, but... how outlandish do you have to be to think 'lets make cows mushroom-related'?
  14. Since WHEN do OAK trees have APPLES?!?
  15. How the hell can skeletons shoot arrows without even drawing back their bow? Even with MC 1.9, they barely even touch their bow!
  16. Get on my level