What is the weirdest Minecraft feature according to you?

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  1. They wont hurt other illagers...
  2. If you get a chance, my favorite childhood movie is Eight Legged Freaks

    As for me? Steve's endurance. He can jump 1 meter high forever. He just needs food.
  3. Oh so close, but I actually like to use boats...

    but Useless things! There's the answer. With a limited number of items that exist, why in the {generated} world! would they make useless ones???

    Like clownfish.

    Now they come out with a new version... and still nothing? I mean why take an item like Bones, which already have a use, and give them another use? And here the poor Clownfish is again left out to dry.

    So, I thought I would assist Mojang in implementing some ideas by offering my assistance. Failing their foresight, perhaps Aikar could at least make use of them here on EMC.

    Now we all need cool new blocks for building, a major minecraft feature...


    Furthermore, they could be use to craft a most useful item...


    Useful for a new ability, Water-walking! When on feet: +1 armor

    Finally, something truly Magnificent!
  4. When we go fishing there are no fish in the water that we see but yet we can catch them. Also how are we able to catch saddles and other junk in the see.....what fishing rod is strong enough to catch a saddle and reel it up xD
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