What are some free alternatives to Proprietary programs that are used everyday?

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  1. Now you know my feeling Elfin. Try doing that in a folder with thousands of files. Window's own file manager is trash, it legit takes the application to "think" before listing all of the files. Everything doesn't seem to care. If I wanted to, I could queue up that entire folder's contents into the program and it wouldn't even blink. Everything updates realtime as well. It will automatically refresh the database whenever you create new files or delete files too!

    I'm glad you find it very helpful as well, because it's legit helped me since I began using it over 5 years ago! :D
  2. The only criticism I have is there doesn't seem to be any way to bookmark folders you need all the time or have folders you're always in at the top of the list. Right now I've got the program files for 7-zip in my C drive near the top and I'm over here like "I don't need this". So the organization does need a little help. Overall though, fantastic opensource software.:)

    My life with a folder on my NAS drive. It's got nearly 5 million files in it and it takes *forever* for windows to put two and two together with it.
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  3. You can actually do something "similar" to bookmarking. You create an "Everything File List". I can DM you an example of what I mean. :)
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  4. I was mistaken Elfin. Yes, there are bookmarks in Everything. I misread your question and I sent you a video in a DM showcasing the bookmark feature.

    Also, Everything is not open-source. ๐Ÿ˜…
  5. Schematics. Still free. And I still need coffee. :p
  6. Plex Servers are a godsend
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  7. What about mega?
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  8. What's mega? Not the cloud service? That's not free. :p
  9. Maybe not entirely, but it gives a heck of a lot more space for free than, say, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox do. I think I have something like 105GiB available in Mega, whereas I only have 17GiB available in Google Drive.
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  10. There has to be a catch. Companies don't generally hand out that amount of space on their servers without either a slow-drip accrual through referrals or $$$ being paid/made somewhere (subscriptions, advertisements, etc).
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  11. so if u can get bonus's which gives u extra free storage soo u can get 5Gib more if u install the app on the pc , on the phone and verify ur phone number and invite someone (5Gib per each bonus)
    you start off with 15Gib free
    no adverts and a subscription if u want it but dont need it and no forcing on u (top tier is around 35* dollars a month for 16tb of storage or 7* a month dollars for 1tb)

    *converted from pounds
  12. On Google Drive you have 15GB by default, on MEGA you have 50GB, I think (or GiB maybe, not sure). But yeah, I guess it's referrals and such that caused wafflecoffee to have more.
    Edit: Oh. I did some research to make sure, and I guess I was mistaken. Huh, this sounds rather bad. :$