Wastelands Reset: January 9th

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  1. Take me!!!
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  2. Yes, the seed changes.
    1..13 does not seem to be a terrain/mob update. We'll decide more about that once the release for 1.13 is more definitive.
  3. This is a given. Who else would watch my back while I scale for glowy?
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  4. Yasss! It's time to get ready for a my longest hunt yet! Press that button Queen! (Someone needs to make a gif for this)
    Don't be surprised if I'm not in town much this month;).
  5. Nice!

    Then we'll really get to experience and appreciate the new chat settings :)

    But in all fairness though... I really enjoy these long-term reset periods because despite the fact that the wasteland is pretty old right now there's still tons of stuff to collect. Only a few weeks ago did I set out into the nether armed with only 2 fire resist potions and the end result was around 20 stacks of nether quartz (nearly one single chest full).

    Of course I also ended up pretty frustrated a few times with those darn nether hounds but that's all part of the game :)

    But I can't wait to explore new areas and build new stuff. Better start saving up on my ender pearls & eyes of ender :cool:
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  6. Does this include the end? (don't think so but double checking)
  7. I will seize this opportunity. This is good news, especially as the SMP7 nether has run dry of easily available quartz. All remaining deposits not too far out are in deposits too dangerous to collect without excessive safety measures.
  8. Very excited for this I am in need of resources:rolleyes:!
  9. Yes. Sort off...

    I don't recall when (and I'm too lazy to look it up, sorry) but ever since we could respawn the Ender Dragon EMC has split the End worlds into a Waste & Frontier End.

    The difference should be obvious... Waste End worlds will reset whereas the Frontier worlds obviously will not.
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  10. 3 days, guess I need to start preparing for a mining expedition.
  11. Consider the next reset 'due' to a Minecraft update to be sometime after 1.14.

    *Disclaimer: I do not work at Mojang, Microsoft or for EMC's custom coding.*

    Minecraft 1.13 is a technical update that will require mod and server developers to refactor a lot of their existing code.
    We are going into a drought like the one 3 years ago (1.7-->1.8).

    But the wait may not be as long. Mojang has been simultaneously working on 1.14 - The Update Aquatic. By releasing a bulk of their behind-the-scenes changes separately, we players might not have to wait as long for 1.14 mods and servers.

  12. I agree!
  13. why not have a last minute one? :) seriously though: if this is about spoils then..

    know what? Let's do something fun :) <to be continued elsewhere>
  14. Time for a boat or wings and rockets to check the coastlines for monuments. :p
  15. We've always reset the waste after every major version update, regardless of when the last one was, so expect that will still be the case for 1.13.

    However 1.13 will be a very slow update for EMC, so we got at least 1-2 months anyways.
  16. Once the waste is reset on SMP5, i will find a jungle biome and re-construct the jungle harvesting base. I will also construct several desert harvesting bunkers with smelters for glass making. Keep your eyes peeled for these structures!

    On another note, i will be explring the new waste overworld in a livestream tomorrow around 10am eastern us time.

    - Andy
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  17. So it is tomorrow night?
  18. The timer must be off by a day then :p
  19. It is the 9th as of 1 hr 27 minutes ago EMC time - that does not, however, mean the reset will occur tonight 9hrs and 33 minutes from now, it is just a tentative time. :)
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  20. Ah man, there goes my livestream theme! At least i'll have a chance to grab my one ender chest...

    On a related note, due to schools starting late, my livestream today will begin at 11 am eastern time US, instead of 10.

    - Andy
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