Wastelands Reset: January 9th

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  1. Curious: what happens if the reset occurs while a player is still out there? Think I was still in the nether when I logged off. Will I pop up at the same coordinates?
  2. They will auto tp to the closest spawn.
  3. Thanks for clarifying!

  4. Actually it'll send you to Town Spawn. It recognizes the seed doesn't match previous world and Teleports back to town, as you may be under ground.
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  5. Cannot wait more!
    the elytras and the end wait me!
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  6. Everybody's gonna be looking for the end, meanwhile im gonna mine close to spawn and get all that quartzy goodness in the nether c:
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  7. "Resetting"
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  8. They said it's going to reset around 10pm EMC time (which is in about four hours) and it might not even get to be done today
  9. rip my autism is showing
  10. Is this unusual amount of lag some of us are experiencing a sign of the coming reset? Or is it just an unfortunate coincidence ? :\
  11. Likely an unfortunate circumstance since I'm not in-game yet.
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  12. Boss hunting time!
  13. hey so can we push this back to tomorrow I'm gettin a lil sleepy
  14. 'Twas the night of Waste Reset and all through the server
    all the players waited and waited in fervor;

    My supplies were all stowed away in my EChest
    in the hopes that I may make an immediate egress;

    I had included tools, armor, food, and a bed
    while visions of un-plundered End Cities danced in my head...
  15. Wastelands reset completed this morning.

    If a pathway is blocked in a protected zone, please use another location for the time being. The Senior Staff will check on these blockages later today. Give them at least a day before you bombard them with messages ;)
  16. Thank you for getting this done! I know many people were on last night waiting, I kept reminding them, be patient, I understand waiting sucks, but we have to be patient. Our staff team is amazing as always. Thank you guys for all you do for EMC, it doesn't go un-noticed. <3
  17. This did say tentative and so on... life happens right! Looking forward to some new areas to run around tonight, thanks!
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  18. *horrible sobbing*