Wastelands Reset: January 9th

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  1. There are borders??
  2. Dude, that is hilarious.
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  3. For the waste and the end.
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  4. All worlds have borders

    /wild and al its subworlds have the border at 1.5 mil blocks

    And for /waste and its subworlds have it at like 10k blocks or something like that(don't remember exactly) (small number)
  5. I think 8k
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  6. LOL, that's happened to me before.
  7. wowie, i always had the impression that this server was limitless
  8. The waste definitely isn't, but it gets reset every once in a while, and the wild's world border might get extended in the future, but in the at least 3,000,000 square blocks per server there's still more than enough empty space for many thousands of people to settle. :)
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