Anon's Big Crazy Dig! (A.B.C.D) - January 10th!

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  1. Hosted by me, AnonReturns!
    When? Today at 4 EMC/ 9 GMT on SMP6!

    When: Today, the 10th of January at 4 PM EMC/9 PM GMT! ^_^

    Where: The location will be on SMP6!

    What: The big dig is a mining event in which a preset area of land is mined from air to bedrock, layer by layer! No digging straight down! TNT is NOT allowed, the idea of this event is to gather materials and to of course have fun :) I will have public utilities set for everyone to use for convenience, and the location will be fairly close to town! :)

    I hope to see you all there :p
  2. Saving for pictures :p

  3. I enjoyed the last one, I won't be able to make it to tomorrow's one but I'll be sure to look out for more in the future! :3
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  4. 6:29 eh.. If it was 6:30 I would :D Will come anyways if I'm home.
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  5. Dumb Question...

    AM or PM? :p
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  6. PM :p So 23:29 BST or 18:29 EMC :)
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  7. This should be a good one. Yesterday us folks on SMP2 decided to host our own event and the choice was between mining or digging, we decided to do a bit of both but leave the main theme on mining (FNM). So this really fits in with that!

    Not sure if I can make it (it was quite late last night ;)) but I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!
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  8. Sounds Great Hopefully I Can Make It!
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  9. Wait...FDNY and you guys know each other in real life? Sorry...that was a personal question...I just couldn't help but ask it because your profile pics look like you have the same people in them...100%my curiosity you don't need to answer xD Also the time, 6:29 EMC is that PM?
  10. Yes! We met on EMC but we've been dating, in real life, for 10 and a half months :p

    And yes, it is PM!
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  11. I'll be there.
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  12. Thank you to everyone who came today :) I'll post the pictures tomorrow after some sleep ^_^ I hope you all had fun like me :D
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  13. I missed it but I hope you guys had fun when I was away :p
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  14. These are always fun.
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  15. Hopefully its on a smp I can actually go on
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  16. It's 21st today! :)
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  17. Will actually be able to go to this one :)
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  18. I'll give this event a try tonight.

    Mastermind in the house!
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  19. Thank you to everyone who came last night :D I've added the selfie to the second post of this thread :3
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