Wastelands Reset Incoming!

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  1. if you want we can rehash the discussion about how the end waste is picked clean in hours and that sponges are completely exhausted.
    there might be plenty of resources, but I already got what i want among those available.

    I see, thanks :)
  2. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but it does get lean in a few days or weeks depending on what else is going on if it is an update also. Good news is that 1.17 does include changes to shulkers so it is possible to farm them. That will be cool.
  3. in terms of shulkers, the wastes are still full of them. I got 60+ shells in a trip one day.
    the elytras are nowhere to be seen, though. I found ginormous end cities, and the only thing missing was the elytra and 2 shulkers on the ship.
    I think I remember chickeneer saying a while ago that an EMC solution is in the works, I guess we'll see if it makes it in this update.
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  4. I don't think you should feel dissatisfied. 60+ shells is a great haul, and you can trade half of them for the elytra and sponges you want. You're making easy money.

    The waste ends aren't exhausted. I went out just before 7/31 and picked up a few elytra and half a stack of shulker shells. I forgot about the dragon heads though. So this talk about the end being picked clean...it doesn't match my experience.

    And personally, I don't want 3-month resets. I like to relax and settle into a wasteland. Go the outskirts and have a private spot. Also benefit from others exploring the biomes so I can find a desert/mesa quickly.

    I also don't want you to have an endless supply of easy-to-find elytra. What's the point of devaluing them similarly to beacons and other relatively scarce items? Sure you'll find more, but the price will drop accordingly.
  5. Just a gold old thread of people having expectations of a deadline that always never is made

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  6. I'm with Conductor on this. Brings back memories of what happened in late 2019.
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  7. What happened in late 2019?
  8. Check your messages. Best it's not posted in public. :)
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  9. August 7, 2021. I just found well over a stack of sponges in 2 monuments. While the map doesn't help you for end cities, I suggest you look for blacked out areas on the map and explore those. With 9 smps to look through and possibly Utopia for you there are months worth of mining, exploring, and gathering before it becomes "exausted".

    It's easy to get anxious for the update and we all are however after being on here 6 years I'd rather wait for a completed trial of the update than rush it. What's the point of releasing something that's not ready? I'll wait 2 more months if need be just so that when I do play 1.17.1 here there are very few bugs and issues. Besides I enjoy the anticipation, doing last min raids on stuff, catching up on things I abandoned early 1.16.

    When 1.17 does get implemented I'll ignore all these lil things I'm tidying up now to start the cycle all over again! EMC is a wonderful MC world with a flavor for everything. Enjoy what we have now because in the future these will be someone's "Good Ol' Days" on EMC! Let's make today a day to remember!

  10. for me going to the end is extremely stressful, the constant thought of the void drains me.
    I would be happy with 1, maybe 2 elytras for myself, I never said I want them for a shop (I don't have one and is not in my plans to).

    Here my fault is that I trusted people in chat that said that I should not go to the end waste after I reported my experience of finding 4 cities without elytra (and I was not really too eager to get overly stressed to prove experienced players wrong)

    I thought I did explore most blacked out areas that made sense, apparently I did not.
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  11. I'm looking forward to the new update! This is one of my favorite servers to play on, so I always get pretty excited when it updates to the current version of Java Minecraft. Imma get me some goats!
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  12. That makes me sad
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  13. Considering that easy to build , large volume farms(520 per hour) won't work on emc due to not being able to get shulkers into the overworld, I dont think you should be too sad. The best emc can do is about 30 shells per hour, less than hunting for them in the end. Also the farm that is possible in the end is much harder to build. So we need not worry about crashing markets, lol
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  14. Just an update in case no one reads chickeneer's statuses:

    We are ready code side for this, but we have a bit more than just pressing a button to implement it, so we need the availability of Aikar and chicken simultaneously with more than just a few moments to spare. Any time we release an update, there is always a risk of something happening and our safety net is having our developers available for that 'safety net' moment. They are working out a schedule now, but please remember that each have full-time day jobs to worry about as well, among other IRL commitments. They are doing their best and your patience is appreciated.
  15. aikat just be hanging out on the emc yacht with the big bank :p
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  16. An EMC yacht.. I love it! I want to go fishing. Wonder if I can get an invite. Lol
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  17. Wonder if the EMC Yacht is the flagship for those opposing the LuckyGB Navy?
    Friendly competition of fishing for mobs - remember that snaring a bat earns triple points!
  18. That makes me want an IRL EMC meetup event. I wanna meet all you cool people.
  19. been there, done that a few times lol
  20. Ah..... one day

    I look forward to that day

    It will be interesting though,you kow to go mining for new blocks/ores etc

    Expanding on this,

    I don't really go mining for ores so much now, so I am looking forward to have some nice blocks to go mine for, deep slate etc; at lease for now once we have the update.